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High Definition -- 06.17.08
Sunday June 15 - I havenít written mainly because there hasnít been anything to write about. The days are now bleeding into each other, with nothing much changing but the locale. The only thing that Iím excited about right now is the arrival of my new 40Ē Sony HDTV tomorrow. All the reviews call this THE best TV. Iím dropping two grand on it, it better be the best. My old TV had a good run, but itís now really on the fritz. When I turn it on it takes about five minutes for the picture to come on. I have been counteracting this by turning on the TV, leaving the room to do something else, and then coming back into my room. Sadly these days the TV image also goes out when I change the channel, or switch the picture in picture display. And, since by this time next year Iíll need to be upgraded anyway, I bought the new TV now. My old XBR had a good run, 15 years. When I bought it it was one of the sharpest TVs you could get at the time. But today the tube is going and every channel looks like Iím watching through cheesecloth. So yeah, thanks for the memories old XBR.

Other than the new TV my life has been uneventful. Iím putting more time into writing though. Sadly right now my writing consists of outlining what I want to write. Which is not a bad thing actually, because a good outline is the first step towards good writing. But still, part of me really doesnít like outlining. Still, I think that this will be finally the book that Iíve wanted to write. Iíve gone to school, honed my skills, learned what I think it bullshit and what I like, and Iím ready to distill it onto the page.

Work is going as well as expected. Glendaleís city budget is projected to be in the red for the coming year, so they asked all the city departments to cut their budgets. This act affects me in that my hours will be cut for the foreseeable future. Iíve already been told that my hours are being cut by 25%. Which isnít as bad as some people. Though my hour cut is bigger in percentage, some people were cut more actual hours because they worked more hours than I did. Iíve had more than a few of my co-workers say that they are seeking second jobs. Iím lucky that I already have a second job. My decision to not put my eggs in one basket has paid off right now. When I started at Glendale library they offered me 30 hours a week. I had already committed to 19 hours at San Marino though. If I had taken all those hours, and not have split the hours nearly evenly between the two jobs I would be fucked right now. Another thing that worked out for me is that while Glendale is cutting my hours San Marino gave me a raise. So the fewer hours at Glendale are going to be sorta balanced out by the raise.

A year ago at this time my cousinís wedding was about three weeks away. Everyone was excited, especially her. Today, this past Monday actually, she announced that she is having twins. What a difference a year makes.

Monday 17 - So itís been two days since I wrote the above and yesterday was high definition day with the arrival of my TV. Hereís a picture of it as I tested it using Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope.

The picture is SICK, insanely sharp and detailed. Anyone want to come over and watch with me? Yeah, you better, this machine is a marvel, way better than your TV any day. LOL So yeah, come on along.

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