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Same Bat Channel -- 08.02.08
I havenít updated in a month because there hasnít been anything to update... like is boring. A day to day sameness whose boredom was finally broken on Thursday when some crazy guy at the library told me I was being noisy, and then threw a dictionary at a co-worker. I could tell you the whole story but thatís pretty much it. Though, the exiting part came when the office manager called the cops and the guy resisted arrest. The police took him out in handcuffs. This guy shows up every day and heads right for the dictionaries. He takes a few of them to a seat and ďreadsĒ them until closing time. He always wears a pair of old earphones, and always gives everyone a dirty look.

Letís run down some of the stuff from the last couple of weeks I didnít get the chance to write about before now.

I saw ďThe Dark Knight the weekend it came out and it was wonderfully dark. I actually have tickets to go see it tomorrow at the IMAX again. The first time I was sitting too close because I sat too close to the screen. I got to the theater late and that caused me to have to get a bad seat. Fuck. Tomorrow Iíll remedy that mistake.
As far as a critique of the movie, itís really the best of the comic book movies so far. ďIron ManĒ was a cut above and ďThe Dark KnightĒ was a cut above that. These two and ďSpider-man 2Ē are the best of the genre.

I went out to get a bite to eat after work a couple of weeks ago. The girl taking my order was super surly, to the point that I actually got a good laugh at her attitude. But then it hit me, sheís completely miserable. To the point that she canít hide it anymore. Iíve yet to get to THAT point, so she must be like ten times more miserable than I am. For the next few days I looked at people at work everywhere I went, the bank, the store, etc. I came to the conclusion that EVERYONE in this town is unhappy with their jobs. I mean honestly, why wouldnít they be. Iím sure the girl at the fast food joint didnít see herself working behind the counter taking orders from dimwits all day long for a pittance. Hell, I donít have the greatest jobs in the world, but at least Iím not doing something that makes me completely miserable... only somewhat miserable.

Speaking of work, I was given a friendly talking to about barriers and knowing the limits of my duties. Especially since my actions have been stepping on toes, I guess. Now comes word that we are going to be having mandatory meetings every three weeks. Mandatory means even though Iím just a bump on a log at these meetings I still have to show up. Worst thing about this particular meeting schedule is the time of the day they are being held. The meetings are being held at 9 a.m., on days I should still be at home in bed. Iím going to have to arrive FOUR hours before my shift starts, and twelve hours before I clock out that evening. Itís so stupid to have me drive out there only to have an hour meeting and then force me to kill three hours before I have to start work. And thereís no way Iím driving back home only to turn around a few hours later. Thatís such a waste. But, if they want to make these meetings mandatory Iíll go and just sit there not saying a word. They want to pay me to sit there Iíll do just that. When the meeting is over Iíll get some lunch and go to the park, or sleep in my car or something. Stupid.

At my other job I know that Iím not the apple of anyoneís eye. Iím pretty sure they think that Iím a anti-social bastard that says stupid things. Truth is, I donít want to socialize. OK, partially donít want to socialize. I go there to do my job as best I can, nothing more. I know they know Iím one of the best pages there already, if not the best. I get all my tasks done without attitude, and quickly. I actually try to do the work correctly, which is more than I can say for some of my co-workers. Long story short, I do good work, but thatís not enough. I have to socialize. Since I donít go doing that Iím in the dog house. I donít even participate in paying dues for our little monthly cake eating session. The managers try to create some sort of family environment by feeding us cake a couple of times a month. But itís that horrible cake from crappy Ralphís. The whole thing is like a film put on a continuous loop. The cake will come out, everyone is forced to take a slice, and then eat it. One of the managers will take a bite and proclaim the cake to be ďdelicious.Ē But itís not, no matter how hard they try and sell me on the idea. I force it down and then get back to work.

I went shopping with my Aunt the other day. After getting what we went out to buy she wanted to find some comfortable shoes. So we went to the few shoe stores the mall had. I havenít been shopping with a woman in a while now. In the past I would sit in the ďhusbandís chairĒ and wait until the shopping was done. Every other guy there had to do the same. But now, thanks to the miracles of technology guys having to wait around stores for their women to finish shopping have gadgets to keep them from wanting to blow their brains out.

This fellow has the right idea, surf the web, check your email, anything to dull the boredom.

Last, but not least for this entry, Gomezís Hamburger. I was looking through a book about the cosmos when I ran across a picture of a nebula named ďGomezís Hamburger.Ē

According to Wikipedia:

Gomez's Hamburger is a protoplanetary nebula, or a star that is in a state of evolution immediately before the true planetary nebula stage. Its official designation is IRAS 18059-3211. It can be found in the constellation Sagittarius, and is estimated to be approximately 6500 light-years away from planet earth.

It was discovered in 1985 on sky photographs obtained by Arturo Gomez, support technical staff at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. The photos suggested that there was a dark band across the object, but its exact structure was difficult to determine because of the atmospheric turbulence that hampers all images taken from the ground. The star itself has a surface temperature of approximately 10,000 įC (18,000 įF).

The "hamburger buns" are light reflecting off dust, and the "patty" is the dark band of dust in the middle.

How did NASA know I love hamburgers?
End Communication.

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