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A Blue Bayou birthday -- 09.17.08
There is a laundry list of things to go over so Iíll just jump into it. Monday I went to Disneyland to celebrate nothing in particular. I made reservations for the Blue Bayou, a place I had never actually visited inside the park. There are few things I can say Iíve not seen at Disneyland, until Monday the Blue Bayou was one of them.

I ordered a Monte Cristo and a mint Julip. Good stuff. On my way home I wished that I had taken the rest of the Monte Cristo home with me in a doggie bag because it was SO good. I went around, taking pictures, went on a few rides. I planned on making this visit something of a food binge, but my stomach was full of Monte Cristo sandwich that I only had a pineapple whip for dessert. On my way out I was thinking of getting a corn dog, but I didnít. The corn dog cart made me think of my friend Joe. I went there with him once and it was funny how he reacted to the corn dog cart. But, thatís a story for another time. Here are a few more pictures from Disneyland.

I dropped my Canon Powershot S500, which Iíve had since 2004, the other day and itís been acting up ever since. The metering is all whacked now. Sunday I went up the Getty Center and found that a few of my pictures looked super dark. Like it was nighttime or something. At Disneyland I found the same thing happening. So, that drop really did my camera in. I think Iím going to have to get a replacement. I know which one I might get, another tiny point and shoot Powershot to compliment my Leica. My S500 has been a great camera, a workhorse. Iíve taken over 30,000 pictures with over the last four years. That camera took the majority of the pictures on my site, Vista Drive. It took the pictures in this journal entry, Iíll tell you that.

You know, this year has really SUCKED. I mean itís been in the crapper. Itís hard to stay positive when everything is so negative. But then out of the darkness does come some sort of light, eventually. Too late for some people, but just in time for others. I had an epiphany last week. I donít really want to go into it here, but suffice to say the last week has shown me the light.

So yeah, itís a little past 9am and I best be getting ready for work today. A line from ďThe Dark KnightĒ just came to mind as I was thinking of how to finish this entry. ďThe night is darkest before the light.Ē I hope so.
End Communication.

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