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Deadening Cold -- 10.04.08
Ah! Finally cooler weather has arrived to Los Angeles. I canít wait for it to get colder, that sweet deadening cold where everyone in L.A. freezes... you know, 60 degrees. Yeah, weíre not made for the cold. This year Iím really looking forward to wearing some nice sweater, a coat, a hat. Dang, I havenít worn a hat in a long time. I wonder where my old Fedora is. Might be time for a new one, Iím pretty sure my old one is crushed.

Driving home from work on Friday I noticed that the sun wasnít hitting my eyes. Iím happy that the nights are growing longer. Just as I was arriving home I noticed the fog draping itself over the Encino hills and creep into the valley.

I quickly took my camera out and snapped a couple of pictures before the driver behind me slammed into my car.

I just came back from a walk. Actually my walk was twofold, I wanted to run an errand and go for a walk in the cool weather. As I was walking back it started to rain, which brought me great joy. It only lasted about thirty seconds, but itís been the best moment of my day (so far).

Thursday I picked-up my aunt from Costco and low and behold, they have Christmas stuff for sale... already!

I donít even celebrate Christmas anymore and Iím offended at how early the holiday comes every year. Pretty soon weíll have Christmas ornaments sold during 4th of July. I understand that thereís money to be made selling stuff this early. But honestly, all this does is cheapen Christmas. I know nobody actually celebrates Christmas anymore, rather they celebrate an opportunity to buy something shiny they canít afford. The real meaning, or the supposed real meaning, has been lost. Even if you donít believe in Jesus, his story is an important one to remember. Iím not fond of the Church, but I am of the man Jesus. He was a populist, concerned so much that he gave his life for everyone. Believe the story or not, that is a great message. No one these days is close to being that selfless. If the story of Jesus is nothing but a story itís still one that holds many truths. If you donít believe heís the son of God, at least believe that he died because he was truly concerned about our souls. Because otherwise your so-called celebrations of Christmas are nothing. They are as empty as you are in your heart. I wear my heart on my sleeve, you know where I stand. I donít like people very much. I see the worst of them and they surprise me every time with their selfishness and horror. I donít particularly care what happens to most people. I will burn a bridge in a momentís notice, without remorse or regret later.

(about half an hour later, as best as I can make it) Well, I think that I didnít oversleep enough this morning because I just woke up from a little catnap I inadvertently took while writing this entry.

Work has been work. Glendale continues to be the step-child of the two jobs. I show up, Iím no one's darling, and I do my job. I had a bit of a reprieve this week from the Micro Manager who always points out that all of us are doing their job wrong because she wasnít at work on Thursday, and she was all mellow on Friday. So mellow that I didnít even know she was at work. Of course Iíll end up paying for that freedom next week, I know it. But thatís next week, no need thinking about that now and ruining whatís left of my weekend.

With that Iím off to get some dinner and then to do something involving sitting around. Though I have some nice material for the book in my head today. Maybe itís time to write that ONE chapter that has eluded me so far.

End Communication.

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