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In the Darkness on the Edge of Town -- 10.28.08

I have some bad news. My trusty Canon powershot S500 (pictured above) is dead. I bought it way back in March of 2004 and took approximately 45,000 pictures with in the last 4 1/2 years. Stupid me dropped it while trying to carry too many things from the car. Ever since then it had been acting up, but it still took pictures. Well, this past Tuesday I saw something on the road that I wanted to photograph. Despite having my new Leica, the first camera I usually reach for is my Canon. I snapped one picture and then another. After about the third I noticed that the screen wasnít showing the picture, it was just black. Upon arriving at work I tried to figure out what was wrong. I took a few more pictures and confirmed that the camera was just not rendering any pictures. Iíll snap a picture and all that comes out is black. So yes, itís dead. Normally this would simply be an opportunity to buy a new camera. I already have my eye on this beautiful Canon ELPH with all the trimmings, and 14.7 megapixels to boot. But, times are tough right now and I need to pay off my property taxes, some bills, and Monday Iím going to the dentist and paying out of pocket, because I donít have insurance. So obviously I canít very well go out and by a $400 camera right now. Not when I have another camera that works, and all those bills. But yeah, itís sad that my trusty camera died, at my hands really, because it was such a workhorse. Hereís the last picture the camera took, number 45,4495. Itís in black in white because I was fooling around with the settings when I took the picture.

This is going to be a photo filled entry because I have another picture to share with you. Thursday morning it seemed like EVERY freeway in town was jammed packed with cars. There was a fire alongside the 405 in the Sepulveda pass, which means that the only way to get to Westside from the Valley was clogged. El Patron got stuck in that traffic and it took him three hours to get to LAX from his house in Northridge. The 405 is always bad, but that is truly monstrous. Anyway, now my picture that illustrates the carpet of cars that was the 101 on Thursday morning.

Friday I went to a friendís thesis show at the art gallery at my old school, which will soon turn into my current school again if I get accepted into the masterís program there. Thereís an old saying that you canít go home again, which is exactly what Iím attempting. I hate unfinished business. In my mind it stews and stirs, never really every settling, because things havenít been settled, theyíve just been ignored. But the reality is you canít rehash these things because the act of ignoring the white elephant in the room is that everyone has agreed to ignore it for the better good. Whatever THAT might be. What weíre afraid of is change. I used to fear it like the plague, which is ironic because even as I feared it I also embraced it. Now at this point this soliloquy can go many ways, but Iím not sure where it might end up. Let us bring it back to the original thought, my friendís thesis. It marks the end of a lot of work, and the beginning of a lot more work. I was happy for her, her accomplishments, and that wonderful feeling of just not knowing whatís going to come next. Because that feeling, thought scary, is also the acknowledgement of opportunity. My old buddy Joe used to jokingly say that there was nothing a man canít do tomorrow. Of course he would sometimes says it, ďthereís nothing a man canít do... tomorrow.Ē

I know itís hard to understand the difference between those, but I tried with the ellipsis to convey that little pause he would put into the phrase, changing its meaning. I keep going off topic. The picture above is of the event, people came to see my friendís work, the culmination of an accomplishment if you will. Hereís another picture, one that my old boss, El Patron, set up and asked if I would photograph.

So anyways, I best get going and getting ready for work later.
End Communication.

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