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Blah Day -- 12.06.08
OK, so Iím sitting here at home on my day off not really motivated to do anything. My aunt wants me to have a yard sale with like 15 items today, but I donít want to even put the effort for that shit. Besides, itís nearly 3pm and these things are traditionally things that happen early. Either way, Iím not doing it. Iím just not in the mood to deal with anyone right now. I want to just sit here and do something else... anything else.

So this week I took the Miller Analogies test, which I need to take in order to qualify for Grad school. I studied the best I could under my job conditions. I didnít even know what was the minimal score for qualification to my major. When I got home I found out. Turns out I need to score at least a 30. Itís probably a good thing I didnít know that because I would have thought I could pass it without even studying. I wonít have the results either way for another couple of weeks.

Iíve been looking for a way to take the house I inherited from my father off my hands for the better part of a year now. I know now why the fucking thing didnít sell last year. It was simply overpriced. Worst thing is that right now Iím going to be lucky to get what my father paid for it a decade ago. Itís almost not even worth selling. Unless you take into account the mounds of debt Iíve accumulated due to stupid plumbing repairs, school, and other things. As it turns out I will probably just get enough to pay some of my current debts. I wanted to pay off the mortgage and a bunch of bills. Believe me, Iíd put a nice big dent into my debts, nearly wiping all of them out, but not quite, by selling this house right now. Actually, I donít really have any choice but to sell it. I canít imagine bleeding any more money while the key to stopping the bleeding sits there wasting away, losing value every day.

(a few minutes later) I just got off the phone with my realtor and told her to go ahead and get the paperwork ready to sell that damn house. I shouldnít damn it, having that cash will nearly wipe out all my personal debt and from there I could have some money to pay for school. These days having nearly every cent go towards bills sucks. Freeing up that money means a potential pool of money.

Enough about finances. The house thing being settled I need to get something done. But now half the day has gone by and Iím still not feeling up to doing anything. The sun is going down and I rather just sit here and do nothing. Which is what Iíll probably end up doing, even though there are a bunch of things to do. Sucks.

Iím going to try and submit more of my photographs to the Brand library show this year. I just deleted a few sentence that was a rant bout how no one wants to even look at my photos when I show them. Mind these words, you all suck. But enough of this, I donít even want to write right now. Later bitches!

End Communication.

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