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The Terrible State of Limbo -- 03.07.09
Friday I took a few hours off work to go to Pasadena to take a test that if I do well will qualify me for an interview with the Pasadena library.

(Pasadena city hall fountain)

I think I did well on the test, but the competition isnít letting up. There were about 25 people at the test, and I happen to know that it wasnít the only test given today. A co-worker from San Marino also had a test time, but it was later in the day. Also, I remember the application saying that they were going to start calling people as soon as they had at least 60 applicants.

Anyway, the point being is that Iím looking for a way out of my Glendale job. I didnít tell them that I needed the morning off work in order to go for a test for another job. Iím not a total fool, just a partial fool. That Glendale job just drains me too much these days. I went in Friday at 2:30 pm and I worked for only three and a half hours, but by the end of my shift I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I mean I felt REALLY horrible, to the point that I felt like I would collapse where I stood. Logically I shouldnít have felt THAT tired since I had only worked a fraction of the hours that I normally work. Also, it wasnít like I was asked to do much heavy lifting during my shortened shift. I took it easy and I still felt like I was going to drop all the books in my hands. As soon as I left work I felt better. That proves it, my Glendale job is affecting me in actual physical ways. Then again itís also a mental thing, because as soon as I left nothing really changed except that I wasnít at work anymore. Iím grateful to have the job in this economy, but I do want to find another job.

Last week I drove up to Bakersfield in order to sign some papers to finalize the sale of the house. Well, as is typical of my life these days, the deal fell through. I made the trip in essence for nothing because the buyer never paid and never answered my agentís calls. So the agent found me another offer, not the same but similar to the one that fell through. Iím sure that THIS deal will fall through and Iíll have to just rot in debt for the rest of my life.

The drive up there was crazy because right after Gorman I hit a huge bank of fog (pictured below).

I couldnít see but a few feet in front of me on the highway. I was super scared that I would plow right into a car. When I got to the Grapevine the fog lifted and I drove down to Bakersfield without any other incident, except that the deal didnít go through a couple of days later. Fucking shit man! I canít last very much longer with the bills that are coming down the pike.

End Communication.

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