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Thanksgiving? 2009 -- 11.26.09
Something on TV informed me that today is Thanksgiving day. As I write this it's just past 7 p.m., and that means that this day is nearly over, and I'm glad. The last few Thanksgivings haven't been a fun house for me. Last year I was the only one that got sick after eating a meal that my aunt from Mexico fixed especially for us. The year before that my father died on Thanksgiving. The Year before that I don't remember. I could go on, but I've made my point. Thanksgiving hasn’t been such a great holiday for me lately.

Today I turned off my cell phone and have yet to turn it back on. I'll probably turn it on in a few minutes to see if there was anyone that called. But, then I'll turn it right off again until tomorrow morning. I have 466 accumulated anytime rollover minutes (as seen below).

This illustrates just how much of a hermit I’ve been lately. My social life is practically nil. I hang out with my co-workers once a month for dinner, but other than that I don’t go out. It's for the best, I can't really afford anything right now.

The final tally for the car repairs came in the form of a credit card bill this month. Over $3,000 for repairs and other expenses this month. I joke that I will have to sell my blood, but that's not a joke anymore. I don't really want to sell my blood, but it looks like I'll have to. Then there's paying for school, which is still another $11,000 over the next year and a half. Jeez, how come everything I have to deal with costs so much? Car, school, house repairs… they all end up costing me thousands of dollars. I don't have thousands of dollars, obviously. It's ri-fucking-diculous.

Today I saw a report on the news about “Twi-moms,” which are stay at home moms that are getting their granny panties in a twist over these stupid Twilight books. There's even a website for these dried up hags to post their Twilight fantasies. No doubt mentally masturbating while reading this tripe. Women have absolutely no taste when it comes to anything. These books are a pre-teen's fantasy wrapped in a badly written fairytale, no more real than the notion of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. It's the personification of the dumbing of our culture as a whole, not that it had very far to go. I found a great post that makes the point better than I could.

Thank God that after Bella showed teen girls how to be obsessive, wilted paperdolls with no hobbies or friends outside of an unhealthy romance, she can now show moms how to cook, clean, and stay quietly at home. Ridiculous. These are the unhealthiest, most sexist books, and I can't believe women stand for this crap.

So very true. I will forever be amazed at the ability of women to have no soul or personality of their own. They are like Stepford Wives, devoid of an original thought. But oh well, if these mental midgets want to wallow the rest of the next five years dreaming of Edward and his vapid life so be it. It's no skin off my nose. Dumb.

End Communication.

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