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Testing Theories -- 12.10.09
I have a crush on TVís Vera Jimenez. The only reason I watch the morning show on KCBS is because she walks around giving the traffic report. Strangely I donít ever actually know what the traffic is like. Sometimes I do hear the report because Ms Jimenez doesnít hold up her end of the bargain and wears something that doesnít highlight her ample bust. In short, I watch because she has big tits. I have a theory that she only wears tight shirts when sheís menstruating. As an informal experiment I took the following picture of her on Nov. 20th.

If she shows up a few days before or after Dec. 20th with a tight shirt then I know my theory has some merit. Even if Iím wrong, it doesnít matter. I spent some time thinking of Vera Jimenezís tits.

The other day someone came into the library and commented on the picture that I have hanging on the ďgalleryĒ walls. She asked how I managed the f/stop on my camera to get the pictures I took. I told her I used a digital camera. She then proceeded to say, ďOh, I could have taken those picture then.Ē That statement REALLY irked me. No, not anyone could take the picture I take. But, I let it slide. What was I going to do?

So I kinda like this girl that I havenít given a nickname here. I guess I better come up with one soon. Anyways, I invited her to my art gallery reception next Saturday. She emails me to ask if itís OK to have a ďplus one.Ē I told her it was OK, and that the more would be merrier. But honesty that sucked. My first instinct was that her plus one is a significant other. Then I hoped that it was just a female friend. These days I follow my instinct and it doesnít let me down too often. So Iím thinking my first thought was correct. So yeah, that truly made my day... shit.

My co-worker, the one I slept with, told me the other day that she is going out on another date this weekend. Thatís fine, since really I donít have any plans on going out with her or any natural affinity towards her. But then my natural instinct kicked in and I felt a little slighted. I donít have the right to feel that way, but I still felt it for a moment. It soon passed though, because sheís clearly not worth my time.

And so it starts raining outside. Iím tired, and I want to just go to sleep early tonight. I think I shall.

End Communication.

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