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Empty Encounters -- 02.13.10
Work was extremely tiring Friday night. The circ. manager had me and the delivery driver move 140 boxes full of books from a branch library to the main library. It was a huge task for a couple of people to do, but we somehow managed to move 140 boxes. It wasn’t easy, and as started earlier it was tiring. But that didn’t compare to the exhausted feeling I had after work with a 20 minute encounter with Talia Del Monte (pictured below).

The whole thing started a few weeks ago when she contacted me and asked if I wanted to get a beer with her. Her timing, like everyone else’s these days, was bad. I had plans that night. I told her that we’d have to make it another time. The next week she said she couldn’t. The following week she invited me again, but I had told my aunt that I was going to pick her up from work. It was raining and I didn’t want her to get soaked on account of me wanting to get a beer with the ex.

This week she contacts me and I think to myself, “Well, all this wanting to get a beer must mean something.” I didn’t quite believe it myself, but I thought I’d go through with it and see where it went. Where it ended up was last night and a huge waste of my time.

Talia sends me a text saying that she’s on the bus and that I should wait by a certain store. I tell her I’m already there. She arrives and we go to the Glendale Day’s Inn, where she lives in the extended stays section of the hotel. We drive over there talking stupid small talk. Upon arrival she informs me that she has to pee really bad, and rushes into the lobby bathroom. I wait there, already knowing this isn’t going to go anywhere good. The next few minutes were made from that awkward air that hangs on situations like death. I’ve come to like those awkward situations, but I know they’re a signal that things aren’t right. I sat there, and then walked around the lobby a bit, again making small talk about nothing. She never invited me up to the room, or even stated her intentions. The only thing that gave me clue was when she finally said, “Anyways.” I knew that was my signal to beat it. So I turned around and made a beeline to my car. As I was leaving the lobby, with her in tow, she tells me, “OK, see you next week.” I turn around and tell her, “I have plans.” She asks, “Really?” “Yes, I have plans.” The end, I turn around and just leave. I’m steaming and I just couldn’t leave it at that. I went ahead and sent her a text as I was sitting in the car saying, “Wow, that was a bust.” She responds, “Don’t say that.”

I thought of saying more, but I’m leaving it at that. I honestly can’t tell you why I bothered with her again, after last time. This time I’m done, I mean really done. We went from total strangers, to being in a relationship, to fuck-buddies, to distant friends and now to nothing. Full cycle.
End Communication.

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