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Slate of Dreams -- 04.03.10
After work today I drove over to my Glendale job, parked my car, and walked over the the Apple store at the galleria in order to check out the new iPad. The thing was smaller than I expected, but every bit as fast as shown on the various TV and internet reports on it. The thing moves fast, without a single bit of lag. The screen looks super. I turned it to the brightest setting and it just sparkles.

Now for the things that it can do. Video looks good on it. YouTube videos looked super sharp, though it was in HD (as HD as YouTube can get). So that looked super sharp. The videos on the one I checked out looked less impressive. But, photos look incredible on this thing.

I would get one just to have it and find a place in my life for it. But, since Iím poor I canít justify the nearly $800 price tag (I wouldnít get the base model, hence the price difference). Nevertheless, this thing is NICE. Iím waiting for the next iPhone, which better flash though apps and video the way the iPad does. I donít care what network itís on, I want the new iPhone, which hasnít even been announced. I love my iPhone (1st gen), but the poor thing has been in my life for three years now and itís showing its age. Itís time I get a new one.

As for the iPad, if I had the cash I would get one. But, since Iím actually in the midst of paying off old debts, and new debts like school, I canít afford one. Hell, there are days in which I can barely afford to eat, let along an iPad. Maybe good things are on the horizon and Iíll be able to report to you that I got one. Until then....

End Communication.

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