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Finally, a day off -- 04.12.10
Until yesterday I had worked for two weeks straight. It was a fortnight in which I started to wonder if I would ever see the end of the seemingly endless days of work. I survived because of the knowledge that this day would come and I would go out and have some fun. Hereís what I wrote on my iPhone, chronicling the day as I went along.

10:41am: Perfect timing. I arrive at the Metro station moments before the subway shows up. This almost never happens, even though the trains do run quite frequent these days.

11:07am Perfect timing once again. I arrive downtown and walk to the DASH stop and moments later the mini-bus arrives. Nice.

11:25am Arrive at Exposition park, walking to the museum.

There are two things I wanted to see at the California Science Center, the Hubble IMAX movie, and the new Ecosystems exhibit.

The Ecosystem exhibit is a pretty cool. Lots of cool interactive stuff, and kelp forest is the best part of the whole exhibit.

1:18pm Just came out of the IMAX movie I specifically came to see, and which, stupid me, almost missed because I was I forgot what time it was. I ended up standing in the back of the theater. That might have been the best ďseatĒ in the house though.

2:48pm Heading back downtown to maybe walk around a little there. Most likely I'll just head back to the Valley.

3:49pm Just got on the Red line heading back to the Valley. The weather outside is near perfect. I needed this kind of day after working two straight weeks without a day off.

Funny thing about the subway, youíre trapped. Sure, there are station stops, but for the most part in between youíre trapped with all sorts of characters. Sometimes they seem benign, sometimes not. The following is a picture of a guy who just got a little too close to a woman sitting across from me.

The guy is standing too close to the woman, so much so that I feel like my personal space is being invaded. I mean come on, this guy is jiggling his junk just inches away from this womanís face and Iím supposed to ignore that itís happening?

Talk about invading space, the woman directly across from me just moved her legs to move away from this guyís lunch tote. This guy is either clueless or a complete jackass. I think heís most likely both. Heís now trying to talk to the woman he was standing next to. The subway is loud, so itís a good excuse to pretend not to hear. But, heís repeating what he said.

He sat down now, still talking to the woman who is most obviously not interested. Guys are such dopes when it comes to reading the signals. Clearly she doesnít want to talk to him, but he suspects he has game and is still talking to her.

How convenient, sheís getting off and so is he. I think I heard him ask where she was going a few minutes before. She told him... dumb move. Iíve seen this before, and it always ends with the girl taking advantage of a moment when the guy isnít looking to get away. Good luck to you woman who didnít find creepy guy on the subway interesting.

5:17pm Back home. The timing with everything was perfect. It didnít rain until I was nearing home. I didnít wait for more than five minutes on any bus stop, and even at the museum I didnít have to wait in line for anything. Course stupid me almost missed the movie I paid for, but I think I caught nearly the whole thing. All in all a pretty cool day. I do missing going downtown and just wandering around. Definitely have to do it again soon.

End Communication.

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