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Rants and Stuff on a Day Off Work -- 10.04.10

I was listening to NPR this morning and found a great little treasure called “The Lost Cuban Trios of Casa Marina” thanks to one of the stories. After listening to some of the songs featured in the story I went and bought the CD on Amazon. Not happy with waiting until they CD arrives I used a credit from Amazon and bought “Perfida” on MP3 download. That is one of my favorite songs. Just last month I bought the Nat “King” Cole version of that very same song off his “A Mis Amigos” album. Wow! I mean, the recording of “Perfida” from “The Lost Cuban Trios of Casa Marina” sounds SO incredible. As the NPR story points out, “The quality was incredible as well, because they recorded directly to a stereo tape.” Now I’ll be on pins and needles waiting for the CD to arrive. Thank the maker I have Amazon Prime and the CD will arrive quick.

Let me just say one thing... if you don’t believe that Obama inherited a fucking mess, and that the economy being in the toilet is his doing the you’re just a mother-fucking idiot that shouldn’t open your mouth to express a single opinion. Because you’re either misinformed, or dumb, or both, or you have been manipulated by slick Republican infomercials disguised as news channels. The first bailout was under Bush. The second was Obama. If you want to lay blame then at least get it straight. I’m not saying you can’t lay any blame on this on Obama, I’m just saying that if you inherit a pile of shit don’t expect it to turn to gold overnight... or ever for that matter. Let us not forget that the Republican strategy over the last couple of years has been to be contrarians, and to block everything as much as they can. So go ahead independent voters, be a bunch of dumb-asses and vote for a Republican this coming election. They’ll try something different and get us moving again. Yeah right, they don’t have any new ideas, just old ones that put us into this mess. Whatever!

Here’s a picture that Megan took of me at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago.

That’s me, readying myself for “Corn dog Idol.” Disneyland has some really awesome food, if you know where to eat. I avoid the places that only serve burgers. This time around I didn’t get my favorite, a Monte Cristo, because we didn’t have the time. But certainly by the look on my face you can tell that I was thoroughly enjoying my corn dog. Yummy! On a side note, check out the guy over my left shoulder giving me the dirty look. Man, everywhere I go I get that dirty look. Must be because I’m too happy. Ha! Suck it unhappy people!

I want to give my original iPhone some love here to the world. I upgraded to the new iPhone 4 a few months ago. And yes, I love it, especially the camera. But I still use my old original iPhone all the time (home screen shown below).

I now use it as an app platform for things I use but don’t want to clutter my new iPhone with. I also went ahead and jailbroke it. Though I must say, I’m underwhelmed by the apps on the jailbreak app store. The only ones I’ve considered buying are: snes4iPhone, which is a Super Nintendo emulator, and wi-fi tethering. But, since the original iPhone doesn’t have a connection to a cellular network it’s pretty pointless to install that app on it. If I jailbreak my new phone I would definitely get that app. So yeah, my original iPhone might be three years old, but it’s still ticking, and I still love it. :)

Lastly, I expect to know whether I got that library assistant job I interviewed for last week. I told my girlfriend that I suspect I didn’t get it due to the body language I observed in the people who interviewed me afterward. Oh well, at least I tried to get the job. Wish me luck!

End Communication.

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