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An attempt to stay up to date (week of 10/3) -- 10.09.10
Iím making an effort to keep up to date with the events in my life on this journal. Iíve kinda neglected it for a while. Other things became a priority. But, many of those things, like useless school, have now fallen by the wayside. Therefore Iíll have a little more time to write stuff here.

Monday, 6:45pm
File this under totally useless. Iím watching Monday Night Football (no, thatís not the useless part) and one of the commercials is for a beer that comes in a ďVortexĒ bottle. the commercial ridicules a bar patron who doesnít know to order a ďVortexĒ bottle, because, ah, because... Well, they donít really explain why this so-called Vortex bottle is better than any other bottle, or how said bottle improves the taste. Dumb.

Minutes ago I went into the kitchen to brew my tea before dinner and before House. I come to find the hot water dispenser has been unplugged and the water that I thought was ready to brew is not. These days something stupid like this makes me angry, but I donít blow up. Because whatís the use in that. I sighed and just went back to watching MNF. Iíll brew my tea later, or tomorrow. Whatever. What does irk me is the continued thoughtlessness my aunt continues to display towards me. She actually came into my room to ask me if it was OK to use the oven in that outlet, and then went ahead and unplugged my teapot. Why even ask me in the first place? Dumb.

Thursday, 7:53am
I shouldnít be writing this since Iím running late for work. But I wanted to tap this out before I forget. Namely that I still donít know if I did or didnít get the job I interviewed for last week. I already know I didnít get it, but itís not official until I get the call saying so.

Thursday 9:23pm
Still havenít heard anything about the job. They said they would inform me of their decision in a week, but that was Yesterday. Guess I might find out tomorrow. Dang.

Friday 11:10pm
Long day at work. I donít know how eight hours can feel like eight days, but it does when Iím at my Glendale job. ARGH! And whatís worse than the boredom is the continual campaign of hate I have to endure. I was under the radar there for a good while, but then I messed up and I popped right back up where I could be seen, and criticized. Since then Iíve been trying to skirt down below their radar. But, itís no use, Iím still on their scope. When I got home a little while back I checked the answering machine to see if there was a message about the library assistant job... no dice. Fuck!

ArtNight Pasadena was tonight (some pictures above). Last year fame, this year I hung out with the co-workers for a little while. Then I ditched them. I canít stand following a crowd for very long. I get itchy, and feel the need to venture out on my own. I so wanted a drink after leaving work, but when I was walking back to my car I looked at a bar that I passed and just said ďfuck it,Ē and then drove home. Itís been a long day. Work tomorrow, followed by birthday party for my cousinís kids.

Saturday 10:01pm
The week is FINALLY over. Had work today, then had to drive out to Woodland Hills for my cousinís kidís birthday party. I was making great time until I hit a traffic jam that slowed my progress to a crawl. I arrived just before 6:30, after getting off work at 5pm. ARGH! The party was held at this party place that can be best described as an indoor playground (shown below).

The party was good, I had a good time. Since I like to observe people at their jobs I took a few moments to check out the staff there. I know that at my jobs I sometimes want to run out screaming. Not that Iím like that all the time, itís just that sometimes a patron will push the right button to drive me nearly crazy. I hold back, of course, due to necessity. I need to eat, is all. Anyways, the staff at this place seemed nice. I wondered if they must hate parties because they have to deal with them all day long. They seemed well humored, but at the same time I could commiserate at their plight. Yes, their plight. Itís hard to explain, but Iíll put it this way. I hate the situations most people have to deal with to make ends meet. I mean times are tough, and a place like where we went tonight canít be cheap to maintain. But man, if I feel my dignity taken away when I work at my Glendale job, I canít imagine what it must be to deal with screaming kids and their parents all day long. Jeez! I would surly want to jump off a bridge after my first shift. Life pretty much sucks.

In closing, itís been a week. I canít say itís been quite a week, because mostly itís been like a lot of other weeks this year. About the only thing that keeps me going is the love I have for my girlfriend, and my art. Which reminds me, tomorrow will be TWO weeks since I wrote that photographer guy. Obviously heís totally forgotten about me. Whatever. I donít know why he asked me to email him if he wasnít at least going to write me back a short ďthanks but no thanksĒ response. It was a waste my time and his. I hate that shit.

End Communication.

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