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Extremely long Monday -- 10.11.10
Monday 12:03am
Didnít shower Sunday. Iím not bragging, just saying. Tried to sleep in, but my internal clock, and my urge to pee, work me up at 9:30am this morning. Thatís SO not sleeping in. :( About three hours ago my aunt came into my room and found me sleeping in my chair. She suggested that maybe I should go to bed. Good idea. But, after brushing my teeth I lost that sleepy feeling and now Iím here typing this. Dang!

I jumped onto my computer about an hour ago, which was probably a bad idea because now Iím wide awake. Although, just as I was typing that I did get a little sleepy feeling. Not enough to pass out like earlier, but at least Iím getting tired.

A few days ago I gave the new Burger King breakfast ďplatterĒ a taste test. Look, before I go on, it is fast food that Iím talking about. Iíve made allowances for that. Iím not claiming that a fast food breakfast should be as good as one from a restaurant, or the one you make at home. You know that sometimes youíre in a hurry and itís easier to swing by a fast food joint and get something to eat. This was the case last week when I went to BK. Overall I canít say that the breakfast platter really wowed me. Even on the sliding scale for it being fast food. This breakfast platter is basically a copy of the McDonaldís breakfast platter. It has nearly the same items, with slight variations. Letís break it down.
Pancakes: McDonaldís is slightly better, but the BK ones are nearly identical in flavor and texture.
Sausage: Again, nearly the same in taste and size. Though, I think the BK one might be a little bigger in thickness.
Eggs: The BK eggs look more like something that I would cook up. McDonaldís eggs donít taste like much, and you can tell they come from a bigger cooked omelet.
Hash browns: Hereís where the McDonaldís breakfast shines. The hash browns are so much better at McDonaldís, but the BK ones would have tasted better if they werenít served to me so cold.
Extras: BK went with a biscuit instead of an English muffin like McDonaldís. Neither really add too much to the overall breakfast. Although, at McDonaldís they serve jam with the breakfast. Spread over the muffin it tastes better than a dry biscuit.
I gave the BK breakfast a shot, but I think Iíll stick with McDonaldís, if only because their platter is less expensive by about $1.50, and you get nearly the same amount of food. Also, the hash browns are better at McDonaldís.

* * * * * *


Today was nuts. I woke up and just as I was waking up I got a call from work asking if I could come in. I need the extra money, so I jumped in the shower and then raced down to work. I made it with one minute to spare. But, I didnít have breakfast, nor did I take a very good shower. My day off went down the tubes, but at least I got a few extra bucks.

Speaking of work, the book above is more proof of a couple of things: 1) That patrons lie about the books they have out because they donít remember, and they want to get out of a fine. 2) Iím always right. A patron came in and tired to check out some books. I told them they had a fine for a book that was still out on their account. They claimed they returned it a ďlong time ago.Ē I knew better. I went and looked for it on the shelf, knowing I wouldnít find it. After not finding it I told them they should look at home. Sure enough, here it is two days later and they dropped it in the book drop. They had it all along. Jackasses! People need to stop lying to me, they arenít very good at it and I can read them like a book.

Just checked Facebook and noticed this one friend/girl that I liked a few years back has gotten engaged. I was a bit stunned, but then again I havenít really kept in touch with her the last few years. If I had any chance with her that chance LONG pasted years ago. So even though Iím in my own relationship itís still strange to see someone I liked engaged to someone. She looks happy in the pictures on Facebook, and for that Iím happy. Also, I had a revelation about my relationship the other night. I truly never thought I would find someone who would love me. Before Megan came into my life I honestly thought I was going to die alone. That still might happen, but at least I can say that I was in love with this woman and she loved me. In other relationships that synchronicity didnít happen. That makes THIS relationship all the more special.

End Communication.

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