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Still stuck, but appreciative -- 10.12.10
I finally got the call today from that job I interviewed for nearly two weeks ago. My prediction was correct, I didnít get the job. As the girlfriend said to me today, ďItís their loss.Ē Yes, but itís also my loss because I need the cash. Oh well, better luck next time.

Iím pretty tired of the Facebook experience. Iíve decided to stay off Facebook as much as possible. Iíve also decided to comment less, interact less, and basically stay away more. Iíve hid some of my ďfriends,Ē mainly because I shouldnít be wasting my time with Facebook. Itís amazing how the internet, in general, is this huge waste of time. And Facebook seems to the the leader in wasting time. I see people at the library on Facebook all day long. Which makes me wonder, what did they do before Facebook? Whatever, Iím staying away as much as possible. I donít really want to deal with certain people on there.

* * * * * *

I found the note pictured above in my pocket just as I was leaving work yesterday. Itís a note my girlfriend Megan gave to me when she visited me last week. I mentioned to her today that Iím glad she appreciates me, because it sure does seem like no one else appreciates me in any way. She repeated what she said when I told her I didnít get the job... ďTheir loss.Ē In this case, Iím happy someone reached out to me. Because goodness knows Iím reaching out to people all the time, only to have my reach slapped away. I appreciate her giving me an opportunity to love her.

End Communication.

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