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Time to give up -- 10.13.10
As I drove home tonight a thought came to me... I should just give up on this photography thing. Not to say that I wonít take another photograph, Iím not saying that. But for the last few years Iíve tried to get my work out into the world, hoping that perhaps someone would recognize my work and I could share my work with the world... not just a small group of friends. Who, by the way, donít actually appreciate my work either. It sometimes feels like no one does. I said that my ultimate goal was to have my photographs hanging in a museum, for as many people as possible to enjoy. That was the dream. Tonight I came to the conclusion that I should give up that dream. I have worked hard, but I donít know how to get my work out there. I donít know how to convince people to open their eyes and view my work. Tonight I came to a breaking point, triggered by what Iím not sure. But, a breaking point it was. I need to stop trying to get people to view my work. I need to stop this endeavor that only brings me frustration.

Iíll continue to share my photographs, but what I have to stop is the attempts to get my work seen. I think that Iím the only one that appreciates my work. Perhaps if more people were able to view my photographs they would like them. Alas, thatís not going to happen. So yeah, time to stop. Time to quit pushing. Time to let that dream die. Itís not going to happen.

Perhaps I just wasnít good enough. Perhaps I didnít know the right people. Perhaps in the future my work will be recognized. Most likely not. Like my girlfriend said, ďItís their loss.Ē Like I said about the job I didnít get, it might be their loss but itís also my loss.

End Communication.

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