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Gibsonís bat, up for sale -- 10.19.10
The Los Angeles Times had a story that stated Kirk Gibson, hero of the 1988 World Series, is selling the bat he used to hit the game winning home run in game one. The puzzling aspect, according to the story, is the fact that Gibson has not stated a motive for selling the bat. It seems that is is not in a dire financial situation, nor that he just wishes to be rid of that item. The lack of motive is at the heart of everyone questioning this sale. I guess we might never know.

Here are my thoughts... Way back in Ď88 was a time when I still not only watched baseball, but cared about it. Today it's a shell of what it used to be, what with steroids ruining the game forever in my mind. Gibson's home run was a shinning moment defined by a swing and a high fly ball to right field. It's the stuff that dreams are made of... dreams lived in yards that are transformed into packed stadiums full of cheering fans... and for a moment all that was real. Hobbled and hurt Gibson did what only happens in the movies.

I guess I shouldn't really care what happens to the bat, it is, after all, just a thing. It isn't imbued with special powers. It is simply a piece of wood, used to slice through the air and hit a ball made up of string and leather. Yet I do care somewhat. Because of how that moment played out. How it made me think that dreams do come true sometimes. How it brought a city together under the banner of "World Champions." All those days are gone now, and perhaps this is just another reminder that you can't live in the past. You can't hold on to dreams for very long, if at all. And you can't always rely on miracles.

End Communication.

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