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Thanksgiving at Cliftonís -- 11.25.10
My family doesnít really do Thanksgiving. I can count on one hand the times we have tried to do something special for Thanksgiving. A couple of years back we had a big feast because my Aunt and Uncle were visiting from Mexico. But traditionally we donít do much.

This year I told my Aunt that we should invite my Godmother to eat somewhere. I told her that I thought Cliftonís might be a good spot, since they make pretty good turkey dinners. She agreed and she went this morning to go with my Godmother to walk around Chinatown and then go to mass. They then met me at Cliftonís (pictured below).

Hereís my dinner, which consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and a roll. Good eats. I was stuffed afterward. I wanted to have pie, but I was too stuffed.

I think Thanksgiving dinner at Cliftonís was one of the best ideas Iíve ever had. I told my Aunt that perhaps we should come to Cliftonís every year from now on. It was all the food and none of the mess. What could be better? And it was pretty inexpensive to boot. :)

* * * * * *

Before supper I walked around downtown and took some pictures with my new fisheye lens for my iPhone.

This first picture is Angels Flight, which was closed for a few years because of an accident.

Angels Flight, interior.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Iím really taking a shine to this new fisheye lens. I have to do some modifications to it so it will be secure on my iPhone. But for now itís like having a whole new camera in my pocket. My iPhoneís camera has quickly replaced all my other cameras. Itís this little marvel that isnít the highest resolution, but is a great all-purpose camera. And the fact that itís always in my pocket makes it that much better. These days the majority of the photos I take are with my iPhone 4. Gotta love technology.

* * * * * *

Speaking of food, the Carlís Jr. I used to frequent, and that was closed about a month ago without warning, is slowly becoming a Cafe 50ís (pictured below).

Thereís a Cafe 50ís about a mile away on Van Nuys, which I suspect is moving to this local now. I like the food at Cafe 50ís, but itís also not a fast food joint, but rather a sit-down restaurant. So I will probably eat there once and then not eat there for a decade... I have with the Van Nuys Cafe 50ís. Oh well.

Maybe itís a good thing, because I was practically living off of Carlís Jr. for the last year. It was my go-to place because they have good burgers and lately have had some crazy deals with two Western Bacon cheeseburgers for $4! I mean come on, you canít beat that deal.

All in all this was a pretty good Thanksgiving. I had the company of family, and I hung out with the girlfriend in the morning, and then I came home from dinner and watched football. What could be better? Not much.

End Communication.

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