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Since last I wrote here -- 12.19.10
I didnít realize until I started writing about something else that I havenít written anything here in nearly three weeks. Thatís bad. Suffice to say Iíve been busy. Thereís something that happened shortly after I last wrote that pertains to Megan and I. I canít really go into details, but suffice to say her life turned upside down a couple of weeks ago. It was a change that she wanted to make for a very long time, but didnít happen until I came into her life. Then last week she lost her Father, and it seemed to her that the Universe was telling her it was OK to make the choices she has made. Iím glad because one of those choices is to be with me. Last night we had our first ďsleepover.Ē One in which we didnít get much sleep. It confirmed our feelings for each other. To her it confirmed that whatever the pain of the last fortnight it is worth it to be with me. I told her that I hope to live up to that high a standard. She told me I already have. Weíre in a good place. :)

Someone asked me if I thought this year went fast. I would have to agree that it did go rather fast, except for the month of December. December has slowed, though part of me doesnít mind it. Not so much because of the holidays, because I really donít celebrate Christmas, but rather because I love that it gets dark early and the weather is a little cooler.

I have noticed that people donít seem to care about anything anymore. I donít care about a personís personal philosophy on life as long as it doesnít intrude on my life. But thatís why Iím making this point, because it does intrude on my life when some idiot is tailgating me all the way down the 101 freeway. Itís raining in Los Angeles this weekend. Normally what one should do is slow down a bit because the rain causes tires to slip and a car is harder to stop on wet pavement. But the dummies I have to deal with on the road seem to think that the laws of physics donít apply to them, or that they can stop on time. WRONG and wrong. Tailgating me isnít going to make me go any faster. Iím not intimidated by someone tailgating me. I drive fast, but also safe. I leave a wide cushion between me and the car ahead of me. But these assholes that follow me think they can stop a one ton machine in five feet, because thatís how close they follow me. I would rather not deal with people at all anymore.

I love going to this one gas station in South Pasadena because it has machines by the pumps that take cash or charge. Normally the machines at most gas stations only take cards. But the machines at this gas station do both, and it saves me having to interact with someone. The only problem I run into at that gas station is the fact that itís always super busy. Itís an orderly busy, but I know I canít just pop in right before work and top off. I donít get some of the habits people have as it pertains to pumping gas. I donít get the idea of getting back into the car as the fuel pumps into the tank. Women do this more than men. I remember watching a report on TV long ago that showed itís dangerous due to the fact that static electricity can build up from popping in and out of the car while the pump is going. The station I go to took off those automatic pumps where you can just leave the pump and it will stop when it is full. There was a sign a few weeks ago on each pump announcing the change to the pumps. So now men and women have no choice but to hold on to the pump head if they want gas. Itís like my buddy and I always say, ďNo one can get anything right.Ē

Speaking of writing, I have been wanting to get back to writing poetry for a while. Here is a poem I worked on while waiting for my Aunt to get off work Friday night. You might call it an attempted Haiku.

The job is far now
Traffic navigated slow
Fall's rain blankets me

End Communication.

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