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Excuse me, may I scam you -- 01.24.11
This year seems to have been placed on fast speed. I mean look, it’s nearly the end of the month. I mean wow! Anyways, enough about that shit...

* * * * * *

I got the following email this morning and it got me thinking as to how silly someone must be to ever consider doing anything that the email prescribes.

From the first line you can tell it’s a phony. “We are unable to active your account,” is how it starts. I mean come on, “Unable to active your account” is the opening line and some dummy out there on the internet considers clicking on the link? I present this to you as a public service, because a lot of people get scammed this way because they don’t consider looking at all the evidence they have right in front of them.

For me that consists of me NOT having a Back of America account... like EVER! Also, if they lost my information how is entering it going to confirm who I am? They don’t even know who I am what’s the use of telling them who I am. Lastly, the constant insistence that I go and log in, even if I have questions, screams “DON’T DO IT!” Why not just call BofA and make sure everything is kosher? Nah, I’ll just give them all the information this random email asks for because I truth that my bank knows what it’s doing. Bullshit! Don’t reply to these stupid emails, just call the bank and make sure what the deal is.

* * * * * *

Another scam artist is this Kevin Trudeau character. The other night I spotted him hocking another one of his books (pictured below).

The promise of this book is that there’s money out there that the government will give you if you just ask for it. They don’t want you to have it, so it’s super secret, but if you ask for it they have to give it to you. This Trudeau character is moving in on that guy with the question mark jacket’s market. That guy was the first guy I remember seeing on TV telling me that the government had money for me. Now this Trudeau guy wants in on the action by getting your money first, which you can replenish by getting the government’s money. What screams “stay away from this book” to me is the use of a couple of Playboy playmates as the show “hosts.”

While I appreciate the eye candy, I’m supposed to believe that these two Playmates have a talk show that interviews authors and such? Why did CNN even hire a dope like Piers Morgan when they could have hired these two? I will say, their questions were hard hitting and relevant. But, I wonder if that’s because Trudeau WROTE THE QUESTIONS FOR THEM.

I love this kind of stuff because it shows me that people are not getting any smarter in this the age of the smartphone. Our phones are getting smarter because we’re getting dumber.

* * * * * *

I was talking to a patron from work last week, lamenting the state of people. In short, we mentioned how dumb everyone seems to be. She advocated not dumbing down things in order to have people sink or swim, so to speak. I agreed to a certain point. I don’t advocate dumbing down stuff, but I also don’t think that many things are very thought out, and that’s what can also confuse people. However, with a little thinking most things can be figured out because they’re not meant to be complicated. These two examples are pretty simple. Another is one I encountered the other night. I went to pick-up my aunt from work, a place that closes at 6pm on the weekends. Now I only know that because I checked out the hours on a sign outside the store. While walking up to the store, it was nearly 6pm as I walked up, I noticed in the distance that the entrance was closed. I didn’t mind because I wasn’t there to enter the store, just to pick-up my aunt. In the five minutes I sat outside at least a dozen people came up nearly all the way up to the door and then lamented that the store was apparently closed. Yes, the exit was still open, and some people were still filtering out. That doesn’t mean the store isn’t closed. Clearly if the entrance is closed the store must either be closed or someone forgot to open the door. But when you have employees telling you that the store is closed and still insist on going inside for “Just one item,” then that’s when you’re not only a douche, you’re an idiot. The people at the store work certain hours. They are expected to be there and then leave at a certain time. They expect a customer to know their hours. And if not, at least not argue with them at the end of their shift because they need “one thing.”

In short, find out what time the fucking store closes before you go all the way out there. Also, when you see a closed door, and an employee is telling you their closed it’s because THEY’RE CLOSED. Don’t argue with them, they’ve had a long day. Lastly, if you can’t notice a door that’s twenty feet high from the distance of fifty feet, and know if it’s closed or not at that distance, then you best get your eyes and your brain checked. I clearly saw the door was closed from a distance much farther than 50 feet. Yet I still saw people coming practically right up to the door and wondering why it was closed. IT’S BEEN CLOSED! Duh!

* * * * * *

Anyways, whatever. People are dumb, and it just gets me all angry. On another subject... I went to Pink’s with The Girl this weekend. I ate something called a “Bacon burrito dog” that night (pictured below).

It was good, but I wondered where the bacon was. I also wonder if my taste buds have been dulled by so much bad food, or is it that food doesn’t seem to taste like much nowadays. I mean things still taste good to me, but it’s rare for me to experience a “burst” of flavors out of any of the food I eat. It’s seems like the volume has been “turned down,” so to speak, on the flavor of the foods I encounter. So yeah, I wonder if this can be attributed to my taste buds dying, or the food just not having any flavor. I think I must do an investigation, the findings of which I will post here.

End Communication.

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