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My other car is my feet -- 02.28.11

As of tonight I will be without a car. My mechanic has been struggling to get my car to pass a smog check. But, it is futile at this point, because the repairs are too expensive and I can't be sure that I'll be able to pass the test after the repairs. So, my old car is finished. The Phoenix lasted longer than any car I've ever driven. That car was my "companion" since I got it late in 1994. I had a lot of great times with and in that car. However, there comes a time when nothing can be done for a patient. Today is the last time I will drive that car. Good-bye old friend.

And now I have to make a decision. My mechanic has a car that needs a new engine. But heís willing to sell me the car, new engine included, for just under $4,000. I donít have anywhere near $4,000. I donít even have $500 right now. All I have is debts. So taking on more debt is going to suck. Iím hesitant to do so, of course. So I have kinda decided to bear traveling on the bus until I can save some money and get another car... one with a working engine. I fixed the engine on the Phoenix, and look what that got me. If I had spent that $2,000 two years ago towards a newer used car I wouldnít be in my current situation. But, you know whatís said about hindsight. I told my mechanic to give me a couple of days to weigh my options, but Iím pretty sure Iím not going to take him up on his offer. Heís done me solid through the years, but I donít want to inherit more problems. So, as of now my only option is to take the bus to work, and ride my bike to the grocery store. Not gonna be fun, but with the price of gasoline hovering at and above $4 a gallon it might be a good time to not drive. Itís going to be a pain in the ass when it rains, and when I have to wake up extra early to get to my Glendale job. But what else can I do?

The Girl got some bad news today, and she mentioned that we both got ďshit onĒ today. But every time weíve been ďshit on,Ē as she says, weíve come back better. So, Iím not saying thatís going to happen this time, but Iím hopeful. I have no other choice.

End Communication.

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