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Everything is going nuts these days -- 03.15.11
Tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of my Mother's passing. She has now been gone for 1/3rd of my life. It's hard now to remember her sometimes as she really was, and not only remember her in photos. I don't cry at the thought of her anymore. However, if I linger in that thought I will still well up. I still wish that I could have done something to save her life.

* * * * * *

Today was a crazy day. Upon hopping on my bike this morning I felt completely exhausted. My commute is definitely tiring me out. Couple that with the time change and I feel like I'm sleepwalking through this week. And then crazy stuff has befallen me lately.

Case in point, the following picture.

I was feeling hungry before work, so I decided to change course and go to In-and-Out to get a burger so I wouldn't starve to death at work. I chained up my bike to one of those handicap signs because I couldn't find a bike rack anywhere. Upon coming out to eat I noticed that someone had locked their bike to mine. Yes, it was a total dick move. What if I was in a hurry? What if I couldn't find the guy? Then what could I do other than take his bike along with mine (impossible really). I found the guy inside and he gave me no excuse as to why he would do such a thing.
Upon entering the In-and-Out parking lot I was confronted by the following monstrosity.

In a land of excesses this sort of thing takes the cake. There is absolutely no reason for a car to be the size of a bus. Why not just have a bus? Itís more practical, and probably roomer. But, some asshole decided to get one of the biggest cars on the road and add three more car lengths to it. Dumb.

* * * * * *

I seem to be writing this entry in reverse sequence. Before heading off to the In-and-Out I stopped to answer a phone call from a friend. While talking to her a guy comes up and gives me his religious pamphlet and asks for a dollar.

I told him ďno thanks,Ē but he handed me the pamphlet anyway. ARGH! I really hate how these dopes come up to random people and spread their lies. Look, one only has to open their eyes to what the world is like and know that there is no God. Or if there is one, itís a force of malevolency , not good. I threw the paper away as soon as I could. I wanted to throw it on the floor when he gave it to me, but I donít want to litter.

Which reminds me of something else I hate. People. People do the dumbest things. Last week I spotted the following scene while at work.

This woman decided to park a chair in my way. The area she planted herself in the middle of is a high traffic area. Itís near the elevator, and I, as an employee, often has to push large carts full of books past this area. I have hit someone in the past that parked themselves in the same area, only hidden enough that I didnít see them until I had already hit them. So I know that hitting someone in that area isnít out of the question. What gets me are people that go into a public place and feel that because it is public that they can treat it like itís there home. Itís not your home, itís a public space. These spaces are for EVERYONE, not just you. That means you have to be CONSIDERATE of others. Whatever, none of this shit matters to anyone but me.

* * * * * *

Lastly I offer you a look inside my messenger bag. I donít like to be unprepared, so I carry a lot of ďnecessaryĒ items in my messenger bag... just in case.

Here is a manifest of the items pictured above.

1) Various cards, ranging from library cards, to my ATM, my bus pass, school ID, and my Disneyland annual pass.
2) Cha.. ching.. this is my coin ďpurse.Ē Actually a once clear box filled with coins, just in case.
3) Altoid tin box containing my mini business cards.
4) Pens, one can never have enough pens. Strangely, I used to carry a paper pad to make notes on. But I find I write more notes on my phone, rendering these pens pretty useless. But you never know when you might need a pen.
5) Bose headphone case. Since Iím traveling the bus more often, I need loud music to drown out the din.
6) Lip balm, mini air freshener, and hand sanitizer.
7) Radio transmitter for my iPod/iPhone. With it, if I am in a car I can listen to my tunes.
8) Canon ELPH, because one never knows when a moment needs to be captured.
9) My traveling medicine cabinet, filled with antacids, Advil, papaya pills, and formally vitamin C.
10) Chop sticks. I thought of carrying around a fork, but liked chop sticks better.
11) Spare battery. If I canít get to an outlet, this allows me to use my iPhone even if the phoneís battery is near death.
12) Dynamo ďpoweredĒ flashlight. I bought this because it has a USB connector and I thought I could charge my iPhone with it. Alas I canít, but I can charge the back-up battery. Also, itís handy to have a light, especially since Iím getting home when itís already dark out.
13) USB cable, just in case.
14) iPhone headphones. The Bose sound better, but I canít use those as a hands free set for my phone.
15) Digital gray card.
16) Toy Story lanyard, that I use to carry my Disneyland annual pass.
17) Fisheye lens for iPhone.
Not shown, because I left it at work, is my iPhone charger.
There you have it, the items in my messenger bag.

End Communication.

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