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28 days without a car -- 03.28.11
Iíve been without a car for 28 days now. Itís not so horrible because Iím getting out, walking, and by that getting thinner (and hopefully healthier). But it does kinda suck when I have to wake up super early in order to catch the bus. Or when my commute to San Marino is longer than my work shift. That super sucks. Iíve gained an added prospective on this city riding the bus and rails.

I guess Iím just feeling depressed because of my predicament. Today itís hit me in that way. And the added problem of The Girl possibly having to move to Vegas because of her economic situation adds to my sorrows this month. I feel like less of person having to rely on rides to the bus stop, and having to travel for hours when I used to just be able to jump into the car and go wherever I wanted.

So Iím saving up as many pennies as I can in order to get a cheap car as soon as possible. But things are tough. My bills keep from making any huge purchases, so Iím trapped without much wiggle room. The fact that Iíve been able to last this long, through the economic downturn, is actually quite amazing to me. But like a sick person who is one small illness away from teetering into oblivion, I donít have the luxury of any little thing going wrong.

Iím trying to find other sources of income. Today I was supposed to go and sell my plasma. But, to make a long story short, I found out that they would only pay me $25 for the ďdonation.Ē Thatís nothing. I was looking to sell it for $50 or so. $25 just isnít enough to justify spending three hours at the plasma clinic. Itís bullshit, so I didnít go.

Thereís more to write about, but I have to get some things done today since itís my day off.

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