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Thanks a lot Lakers -- 05.08.11
Hey, 2010-2011 Lakers... thanks for one of the worst 50+ win seasons I've ever had to endure as a fan.

I dealt with the sweep by Houston, iced when Ralph Sampson made that circus shot as the buzzer sounded. Yeah, we had hopes that we would come back until that ball rattled through the basket.

I dealt with the lean years when Sedale Threat was not only the starting guard, but lead the team in every category after Magicís retirement.

I dealt with the "dream" season where you assembled four Hall of Famers and went down to Detroit in four games.

I've dealt with all those moments because the good times have been very good. †Most franchises would kill to get to the finals, let alone three years in a row. †Let alone 31 times in 64 years.

I can let go of the failed attempts because I've been spoiled by so much success. †What I can't let go is how soulless this season's team was. †It was not a team in the least. †This group stopped trusting each other somewhere along the line and it showed night after night, despite having gone through so many games together. Despite going to three straight finals. †In the end this team didn't know itself, and that's what doomed this group of players. All that finally caught up with them in this series verses Dallas.

Dallas is an OK team, but certainly not good enough to win the finals. Our faults have a way of manifesting themselves when we most wish them to disappear. The lack of teamwork and the lack of trust, that had been hidden by talent could no longer be hidden.

Next season I wonít be watching the Lakers play because they wonít be on KCAL any more, and I donít have cable. The team will probably look different, but not too different. This team still has some awesome players, but they need a new mindset. They need to play as a team, not a bunch of guys that agree to show up to the same arena at the same time. Thanks again.

End Communication.

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