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New Car! -- 07.06.11
Iím happy to say that I am back amongst the living/driving. I bought a new car this past Friday, a 2011 Honda Fit (pictured below).

I was able to buy this car because of a debt consolidation loan I took out. The debt I was carrying was big. But it was compounded by the fact that I was paying HUGE amounts of money on interest. I pretty much paid the interest on my cards, and nearly zero towards the principal. There was one credit card that was charging me 29.99% interest per year. That is not only highway robbery, itís obscene. Credit card statements today have to show the consumer how long it would take to pay off the debt if only the minimum payment was made. In one card it said 31 years. The card with the least debt, but highest interest rate stated that it would take 13 years to pay off. Yeah right!

So the debt consolidation loan is a new beginning. A way to get out of debt in a reasonable amount of time. And that is why I had enough money to buy a car... a much needed car. I spent exactly three months without a car. In that time I grew to appreciate my true blue friends. And it showed me how some of my so-called friends are a lost cause. Iíve cut off ties with certain people in my life that are nothing but a huge ball of negativity. Iím a realist, so I know everything isnít going to be pink and roses. But I also know that Iíve been in a prison called debt for quite a few years. Without that debt I could have done things differently. Alas, now itís time to make those things happen. Iím not out of debt, but the debt is manageable. If all goes according to plan, Iíll pay off my new car in five years, and the other debt in about eight years. Thatís better than 31 years any day.

Iím happy. End Communication.

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