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Carmageddon weekend -- 07.18.11
So the big ďCarmageddonĒ weekend that was supposed to choke the entire freeway system here in Los Angeles didnít materialize. Probably because all of us who use the 405, or live by it (like me), headed out, or stayed home. I headed out with TheGirl to parts south. The OC fair to be exact. Before that, on Friday I gave Crockett his first wash. TheGirl washed her car while I washed Crockett. Hereís a picture of the nice and clean car waiting to be dried.

* * * * * *

On to Saturday and the OC fair. Iíve never been to the OC fair, but I suspected it would be a lot like the LA county fair. And sure enough it was... only smaller, but still filled with food, livestock and carnival rides.

I was really only interested in trying some of the, what one might call, exotic food. Such as fried Oreos, Twinkies, and Snickers. TheGirl bought some fried Oreos (pictured below), and they were close to perfect as a food can be. I mean come on, they are fried. Anything fried is bound to taste good. Right?

But we didnít stop there. We had a funnel cake!

And before that, I had a ďcheese chicken sandwich.Ē It was supposed to be steak and cheese, but I didnít want to eat steak. Ha!

A good time was had by all (as you can see by the following picture).

What gets me is how fast the money pours out of oneís pocket at those stupid fairs. I mean come on, they have a GREAT scam going. They charge you to park your car. Then they charge you to get into the fair grounds. That price doesnít include ANY rides. What a total rip. I dropped $5 on ONE carnival game of pitch and toss. Itís a perfect scam. You would think that the price would include something, other than the privilege of entering the fair grounds and checking out the livestock. Thatís not enough of a privilege for $11 per person. Fuck that. Even TheGirl mentioned that it was a ripoff. She was only able to get on a couple of rides, because each ride was a crazy amount. She got on one ride that lasted a minute, and cost her $12. Twelve dollars for a minute of ride time. Thatís a TOTAL rip. Still, we had fun. I dropped a few bucks, but not too many. And afterwards we headed off to Downtown Disney, before heading home.

At the Disneyland hotel we spotted a giant Mickey. Not that it was super hard to stop. hereís a picture of TheGirl and I, and the giant Mickey. It was a great day because I got to spend it with TheGirl.

* * * * * *

I sold El Phoenix (pictured below) to a junk man for a few hundred dollars on Wednesday. Now that I have a new car (Crockett), I had to junk my old car once and for all. Also, the DMV wanted their money despite the fact that Iím not driving my old car around.

I loved that old Subaru. It never left me stranded, and always got me home when it had engine problems. It was a good machine. I drove that car for nearly 20 years, but the time came three months ago that its age showed. Today my new car is quite nice, and has that super cool new car smell. But my old car was a gem as well. Before it fell apart it was super nice. Iím sorry to see it go, but after all it is just a thing. It served its purpose well. Good-bye old friend.

* * * * * *

Lastly a comment about things that make me wonder how people make it through their day without being killed. As I drove to work this morning, for a stupid meeting that could have been replaced by a short training session at the front desk, I spotted this guy jogging up the middle of the street.

Yes, itís not a super busy street, but it is well traveled. More than a few cars travel down this street because itís close to the Huntington Library. What drives me nuts is that this guy was running in the middle of the street. Much more in the middle than this picture shows. I mean like right on that center line. It was BULLSHIT! Iím not entirely sure why runners have to run the street. I think they must believe that the concrete of the street is somehow softer or different in some other performance enhancing way to merit running on the street rather than on the sidewalk. Perhaps they donít want to run into pedestrians on the sidewalk. But that argument is mute because no one walks those sidewalks. When I was still taking the bus I would walk down this street sometimes and I almost never saw another soul walking. Joggers, and really people in general, do things for no apparent good reason at all. They just do them because they THINK itís a benefit to them. But, like this guy jogging in the middle of the street... I donít see how putting yourself in peril makes for an enjoyable jog. I think itís stupid and people have to stop thinking the rules only apply to everyone else, and not themselves. Itís dumb.

End Communication.

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