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Their loss -- 09.26.11
I didnít want to mention anything about a possible new job until I knew either way whether I was hired or not. Well, now that I wasnít hired I can mention it. I had a couple of interviews with the Apple store last week. I guess the second interview didnít go well enough for them to hire me. Itís their loss. This might sound like sour grapes, but I donít think Iíll enter an Apple store for a long while. I just donít want to go into one and think of what might have been. I guess Iím just not Apple timber. As TheGirl reminded me, itís OK because I have two jobs. Iím not struggling like so many other people who donít even have one job are struggling. Still, my plan was to leave one, or both, of these jobs if I had gotten the Apple job. It may sound crazy, since finding a job isnít easy, but I was ready for a change. I was ready to be valued. This is assuming the Apple job didnít simply turn into yet another job where you watch the clock hoping to escape.

At the first ďinterviewĒ I was struck at how much clapping was involved. Iím pretty sure that my hands would have fallen off from so much clapping. Iím not one for faux enthusiasm. My buddy and I always talk about how there are people who are always whooping it up, and you know that deep down inside no one could be that enthusiastic about a run of the mill every day event. I guess it just wasnít meant to be. It does serve as ďIíll show youĒ motivation. In that sense not getting this job is a good thing.

* * * * * *

Speaking of jobs, I was driving to my San Marino job Sunday down the old route I used to walk when I didnít have a car. It was nice to slowly drive down the streets that I once walked down.

Thatís the Gold line train that I would disembark at the South Pasadena station, and then walk three miles to work. It was a good workout, and I should perhaps go back to walking. I could use a little workout.

* * * * * *

This past weekend was jammed packed. First Friday I failed my second interview with Apple. Then after that I went to Disneyland with TheGirl and ate a much desired Monte Cristo (pictured above). Man, that thing was SO good. Since we were already at Disneyland TheGirl and I took advantage and rode Big Thunder at night, something Iíve never done. It is WAY fun at night. The Matterhorn is super fun to ride at night as well. Just a tip, if youíre visiting Disneyland soon.

* * * * * *

And now itís time for some pet peeves, some observations, and other dumb stuff.

Saturday TheGirl and I went to see ďThe Lion King.Ē Itís the first movie weíve gone to see, if you can believe that. Over a year into our relationship and we finally went to see a movie together. Anyway, the point wasnít that, but rather a chance to vent about an idiot woman that parked next to me (car pictured below).

The owner of this car parked right next to me, clearly too close and not centered in the parking spot. Not only that, but when she got out she bumped my car (I was still sitting in it at the time). She just smiled and walked away. Fuck this shit! If you canít drive the car you own than perhaps itís time to get a different car. My car doesnít cost half of her car, but itís the principle of the thing. She could have taken care not to park so close. Or notice it and readjust her parking job. But no, sheís in too much of a hurry. Bullshit! But, whatever.

A few months ago I got a consolidation loan to pay off my debts. Because of that loan I was able to get a car and get off the bus. I was able to afford food again. The credit cards that I had racked up debt on had been charging me as much as 29% interest. At those rates I would have NEVER paid off my debts. Now, Iíll be debt free in less than six years (assuming I pay what Iím paying now). Anyway, so this past week I got two letters from these sharks. One said that since I didnít have activity on that account that they were closing it. Go right ahead fuckers. You got your pound of flesh, but youíre not going to suck my blood for years to come as well. THAT part is over! No more interest for you assholes!

The second letter was from another credit card that lowered my credit line after I was TWO days late with one payment. I never missed a payment before or after. But that month I was stressed out and I mistakenly thought I had paid that bill. Well, that card can suck it too!

Anyway, Iím going to stop writing now and enjoy my one day off this week. Until later!

End Communication.

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