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Silent E -- 10.26.11
Last week I was ONCE again asked to go into the bossí office at Glendale. Once AGAIN I was told that I talk to much to my co-workers. Once AGAIN I was told that if I didnít stop I would be reprimanded... possibly even fired if I didnít stop. I was shocked that something as trivial as talking could get me fired. Especially when there are others in that office that donít even do their job.

Case in point, this week. The other day I witnessed one of my co-workers talk to another co-worker (a full time employee, no less) for nearly an hour. During that hour they neglected their duties and simply talked and talked. Nearly an HOUR! And where is his reprimand? Where is the threat on his job? Fuck!

I have decided to go into that job and consider myself mute. Iím going to pantomime everything from now on. Itís the only way Iíll know Iíll be safe from this shit.

* * * * * *

So about two years ago, when everything on TV was switching from analog to digital, I went ahead and discontinued my Tivo service. One, because the machine was an old analog machine. Two, because I didnít watch as much TV as in the past. Three, because I bought a Mac Mini with a TV card to serve as my DVR. And four, because I didnít like shelling out money every month for the Tivo service. Well guess what I got in the email today? A request to go back to Tivo (pictured below).

They are willing to have me pay them $99 for the Tivo service and never another dime ever again. Ah, excuse me... that Tivo is in a landfill right now. And even if I did have it, it was an old analog box... nearly useless today. That is unless if I want to see high definition TV filtered through a standard definition conversion. Fuck that! I donít know why the Tivo service couldnít be $5 a month, rather than the $12 or so dollars I was paying. I doubt that my little TV schedule costs that much in server time to justify me paying $12 a month. But if it does, I canít afford it anyway. Right now I pay $20 a YEAR for my guide menu on my DVR device for my Mac Mini. So yeah.. match that Tivo. Go fuck yourselves.

End Communication.

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