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Pointless dance -- 10.29.11
So once again another one of my credit cards sends me a ďspecialĒ offer giving me 0% on transfer balances (pictured below).

After six months the rate goes up to a generous 22.99%. Why thank you random credit card company. I will surly like to go back to drowning in debt. Fuckers!

* * * * * *

So last night one of my buddies and I went to a strip club to celebrate our birthdays. It was the first strip club I have ever gone to, and most likely the last. It really wasnít my idea of fun, but I canít say I didnít have any fun. Certainly the nude women made up for some of the more seedy elements. But then again, the place saddened me really. What I have with TheGirl is special indeed. Going to a strip club with my buddy confirmed that idea. What happens there is fake, and quite base. I watched the men watch the women. And I thought about what I looked like watching the women. It was not pleasant. Especially considering I have found love. Iím not going to lie to you, I like looking at women and checking them out. Duh, Iím a guy. But last night was different. There was something honest about the fact that everyone knew why they were there, but that also made it all the more base. Iím glad we didnít stay long. We were home before midnight, and we arrived at the club at 10pm.

My buddy had a good time. He got three dances in that time, and bought me one. The girl who danced for me was nice, I suppose. There was such a detachment that I honestly donít remember what her name was, or much else. I do remember the dance a little. But I also remember thinking of TheGirl, and how a lap dance was not as nice as holding her hand, or kissing her nose. Not much is as nice as that. Iím lucky to have her.

End Communication.

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