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Whoa, I've been sick -- 11.14.11
Iíve been sick from what is best described as a cold. It started two Sundays ago when I got home and felt run down. I can say that Iím finally on the mends, but Iím still not 100% yet. As of right now I still have a persistent cough. Iím off the meds, but I think that Iím going to take the remaining dosage of the first medication I was given. See, I was so sick that the first round of antibiotics didnít help me feel any better. The doctor put me on stronger meds, and those really did do the trick. Although, they seemed to have left a little bit behind, because I still have this slight chest pain and a cough. :(

TheGirl nursed me and took me to the doctor. Without her I would probably be dead, because there was no way I was gonna be able to drive myself to the doctor the way I was feeling.

I missed nearly a week of work, which sucks because they donít pay me unless I work. Couple that with the price of the doctor and medication and weíre talking a lot of bucks. But, as long as Iím back to my old healthy self it doesnít matter.

* * * * * *

TheGirl and I were discussing Thanksgiving plans. She wants to be alone because of what her son did. TheGirl had plans to go over to her sonís girlfriendís house and cook a nice big meal. I was to come over and have dinner with TheGirl, her son, his girlfriend, and perhaps a couple of other people. But then TheGirlís son said that I wasnít invited. The ex told TheGirlís son not to spend time with me, because Iím the bad guy who broke up their ďhappyĒ home. Which of course is bogus, since their home was not happy. The relationship was over, TheGirl just hadnít made that final move until she was forced to do so. Anyway, TheGirl then said that if I wasnít invited than she wasnít invited. And began the spiral of ill feelings, not towards me, but towards her own son.

Whatever the problems in their family TheGirl is not the villain in this whole thing. She wasnít happy, she left, and of course the ex is bitter. But for her own son to side with the ex, who isnít even his biological father, is pretty low. Blood is thicker than water. Even if her son thinks she did something wrong, itís not a good idea to side with the ex. That is treason, itís a betrayal. Not inviting me is his prerogative, to be sure. But he has to know that making that decision because the ex asked him to is pretty spineless. I would respect TheGirlís son if he just said he didnít want me there. But to say that itís because he was told not to have me there is what I have the problem with.

Believe me, Thanksgiving means absolutely nothing to me. Our family has never ďcelebratedĒ that holiday. Iíve gone over to friendís houses a few times over the years, but I donít get the big deal. Perhaps now that Iím an ďorphanĒ it means even less. Everyone I cared about is gone, so thereís no reason to participate in a holiday meant for family.

All I know is that TheGirl was hurt. She now wants to spend most of the day alone. I told her the other night that doing so hurts me because it feels like sheís just caring about her feelings and not mine. I told her that I didnít care where we were that day, as long as we were together. She said that she was sorry, and that we could hang out most of the day. But, that she still needed some time to herself to deal with a few things. That I can respect.

What will happen this Thanksgiving, I donít know. Iím not holding my breath, but neither am I just going to sit here. If she decided to go away for that day I was going to do the same. I didnít know where I would go, but I figured that two could play at that game. I donít think Iíll have to now, thankfully.

End Communication.

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