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A few minutes at McDonald’s on Xmas day -- 12.25.11
Today being Christmas I pretty much stayed home all day. My aunt has this gig that she works every year, and that I drop her off and pick her up from. It’s a few extra bucks in her pocket. Which is good. After dropping her off a few hours ago I decided to get some food. I drove down to the boulevard to my local Subway. I didn’t want to get a burger, but what else is around my neighborhood? Nothing. But, just as I was pulling up the the Subway I noticed that the guys inside were moving fast, like they were getting ready to go. Sure enough, as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, boom... the lights went off. As if to say, “Sorry buddy, we’re closed.” So I thought about my options for a moment and went to the McDonald’s right by my house.

I don’t like going through the drive-thru because so many times they will get my order wrong and stupid me forgets to check until I’m already half way home. Inside I can give the bag a quick look and bolt. For some reason my brain doesn’t think to do that while in the car. I guess it’s the pressure of making someone behind me wait. I don’t know.

I expected the joint to be nearly empty, and it was, say for the half dozen people on their computers (pictured below). They didn’t have any food in front of them, just their laptops. What’s up with that? I talked to the guy behind the counter while the kitchen took extraordinarily long to reheat a chicken sandwich and one of those “snack wraps” and fries. Oh, my fries had the potential of being so nice and warm, but they sat there waiting for my other items. They were only slightly warm when I got home. What a damn shame.

At the libraries I work in I see this same scene of people all staring at laptops and clicking here and there. I wonder what they are looking at. People say that they spend hours on Facebook and formally MySpace and I wonder what they could be doing on those sites for that long. I don’t spend more than five minutes at any one visit to Facebook. What’s there to see? I post one of two things here and there, mostly links to funny stuff I think my friends should see. So when the guy behind the counter tells me that they have regulars that sit there all day after ordering one cup of coffee (and then coming back for refills, it makes me wonder what they could be doing there all day.

When I wasn’t working a few years back I remember spending a lot of time on my computer. But strangely enough I didn’t just visit websites, I worked on my site, my photos, and writing (like this journal). I don’t know any of my Facebook friends to keep a journal like this one. They might just be keeping it a secret from Facebook, which is smart. I don’t post any links to this journal on Facebook. I don’t need those people reading this stuff. They can go to my homepage, and link through their, if they want to read my thoughts. Not that anyone should. LOL

It’s rather funny because I’ve had this journal for ten years now. There have been times when I’ve neglected it and not updated for a month or so. But I always come back to it. I want to update more often, but there’s so little time. And when there is, there’s always the mental fatigue factor. I rather watch something than write. So it amazes me that I have picked up two readers (followers?) to this journal. I hope I’m interesting enough to keep them. LOL

* * * * * *

So last night was really our first “real” Christmas for TheGirl and I. Last year was not a real Christmas because she was in residential limbo. She came over, but I don’t put up a tree ever since my Grandmother died. So I wanted to make it super special. Taking her to my family’s was part of the grand plan. Her family day was today, the 25th. Last night’s dinner was meant to formally introduce her to the family, since really only my aunt has met her. I also went all out with TheGirl’s presents. I got her a iPod nano, and a flight on a fighter jet simulator. I hoped that she would like both, and she did. She got me this super warm jacket and a bunch of yummy candy. I didn’t care what I got, I only want her.

We talked about how lucky we both are to have each other in our lives. She had been in a loveless marriage, and I had been a “confirmed” bachelor with few “prospects.” I had just about given up on ever being with anyone when she walked into my life. This is why I appreciate her. But also because she loves me. That mutual appreciation is what has kept us at an even keel throughout our relationship. Yes, she attempted to go back to her husband six months ago, and now she’s going through what promises to be a bitter divorce. But all the while I have not faltered, I have not wained in my determination to have her in my life... and she knows it. We make a good team, “Team Happiness” we have dubbed ourselves. I came into this relationship ready to make good on the idea that if some woman would give me a chance to love them that I would do it unconditionally. I think I have done that.

End Communication.

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