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Late night sundae, and waiting -- 01.09.12
Last night after coming back home from spending some time with TheGirl I started to crave a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae. I waited to let the craving pass. No dice. Near midnight I drove up the street and bought not only a sundae but also a pair of apple pies (pictured below).

It hit the spot. When I got back home I looked back at my car and thought to myself how lucky I am. A year ago this March I became carless. I had to get around for three months on foot and on the bus. A simple little thing like going to McDonald’s in the middle of the night would be impossible. Because even though I could have walked out to the McDonald’s up the street in the middle of the night, they wouldn’t have served me. Only the drive thru was open, and they don’t let people walk up to that thing. So as I looked back I thought about how lucky I was to have turned around my situation. Sure, I owe a bunch of money. But at least now I can pay it... slowly but eventually. Before, I would have been sitting in my room craving not only ice cream but wishing for a car.

* * * * * *

I went to Target today to pick up some photos one of my aunts asked me to print out for her. She asked me a couple of weeks ago, but until this past Friday I was poor. Then I forgot to order the prints. So, I when I got home I ordered the prints, did some things around the house, and then when I got the email that they were ready I went to Target. Now I know that the person that does the Target photo can’t just be at the photo department if there aren’t prints to print. She/he gets the order done and probably runs off to stock a shelf somewhere. My only problem is that I EVERY time I go to this Target I have to wait at least 15 minutes to get my photos. Because EVERY time I go to this particular Target the department is always EMPTY (pictured below).

If you count the time when I initially stood in front of the department and then walked away hoping that when I came back the person there would come back, than the actual time is more like 25 minutes. When I came back the second time I hovered around the desk hoping an employee would see me and ask if I needed help. Failing that I went over to one of the store’s “house phones” and asked for assistance at the photo department. Usually there’s a PA announcement, but this time it wasn’t immediate. It was five minutes later that the PA burst with the call for someone needs help at the photo department. I think I’ll send my photos to another Target, even if that Target is farther away.

While at Target I noticed the following in the check out (picture below).

Now that is a bold claim. How can they guarantee absolutely that this underwear won’t ride up? Too bad these are panties, or I’d get some. Wait a minute, my underwear doesn’t ride up on me anyways. Ha! Good job!

* * * * * *

While at my cousin’s I got to hold her new baby (pictured below, with me holding her).

My aunt said to me as she handed me the baby, “So you can start training for when you have you’re own.” I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s never going to happen.” I’ve already told TheGirl that I’m not interested in being a father. Even though she says I would be a good one, and we have joked about what the name of our daughter would be. But her baby factory is closed, and I’m not interested in starting a family. I’m too old, I can barely feed myself, and this world sucks too much to bring someone into it. So yeah... that’s how I feel about it.

End Communication.

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