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Beauty and The Beast Saturday -- 01.17.12
This past Saturday went to CityWalk with TheGirl to go see “Beauty and The Beast.” She had never seen it, and I really wanted to see it on the big screen again. More on the movie in a minute. First a picture of the pastrami chili burrito hot dog I had for lunch/breakfast.

There’s a Pink’s at CityWalk which has a shortened menu compared to the original in Hollywood. So I couldn’t get the hot dog burrito with chili and bacon rather than pastrami. The burrito dog was OK, nothing great. Actually, I wonder how something that has so many great tasting individual items could taste so bland. I mean, chili tastes good on its own. Pastrami tastes good on its own. Hot dogs as well. Combined you would think that they would taste super yummy, but they didn’t in this Pink’s incarnation. I knew I should have go to Tommy’s instead.

As far as the movie, it looked AWESOME. I guess Disney remastered it so they could put it out on Blu-ray, because the picture looked super sharp. Now I want to buy the Blu-ray. I have the movie on laserdisc, but I don’t use that machine very often because it’s old, and I probably couldn’t get a replacement. TheGirl thought the movie was cute. I remembered how much I loved the music. The songs are some of the best in any Disney movie. Much better than the movies that came after it, that’s for sure. Yeah... “Beauty and The Beast” still holds up after all these years.

While at the movie theater I spotted this poster for yet ANOTHER “Ghostrider” movie.

I mean come on, why do studios INSIST on rehashing a horrible idea? I didn’t see the first “Ghostrider” movie, but I believe it was universally panned. Duh! One doesn’t have to watch more than a few minutes of the trailer to know the movie sucks big time. But, these studios continue to make these dumb movies because they figure the public will go see anything that’s put out. The only movie I’m looking forward to now is “The Dark Knight Rises.” Woo hoo!

* * * * * *

The most recently updated NPR app has this crazy ad that pops up and takes up the whole screen, and then just sits there for what seems like forever, and then crashes the app. ARGH! Super sucks!

End Communication.

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