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Shopping/spending spree Monday -- 01.23.12

Last Thursday I shelved the Steve Martin book that seems to always come along when something significant is about to happen in my life. Knowing that itís coming offers no clues as to what that might be, only that itís coming.

* * * * * *

So today I really opened up my wallet to spending. First the dentist, that isnít a pleasure of course. Then I had to run some errands and pick up some things that I needed. Amazon was the first stop for some much needed underwear. I wore an old pair of no longer elastic underwear this weekend and it made me realize that I needed a replenishment. So I bought two packs just to make sure I didnít run out any time soon.

Then I went out and bought some food, some dry erase markers for my Wednesday computer classes, and a squeegee for the car. Then I bought lunch for myself, a couple of other miscellaneous things. I withdrew $50 from the bank this afternoon and it all went away. But, at least I filled up my tank.

While going around on my errands I stopped by a little bargain store that I used to frequented when my Grandmother was still alive (pictured below).

For the most part the store hasnít changed, and while walking the aisles I remembered the times when I was in that store with her and it made me get emotional. Strange how a random store we used to shop had this effect on me. Iíve been to other places we used to frequent and this didnít happen. But today... today this little random rinky-dink store reminded me of how much I miss my Grandmother.

A week from tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of her passing. These years have not been easy since she passed. She missed me getting my BA. She missed my relationship with Natalia and now TheGirl. She missed me getting my two library jobs. And I missed sharing all that and more with her.

End Communication.

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