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Fucking son-of-a-bitch day -- 02.06.12
Today was a fucking shitty day. This morning I had to get another tooth drilled. This time it was a simple cavity to be filled. But it still cost me nearly $300. After going home I got an email saying that my order for new business cards was ready for pick-up. I rushed out to Burbank because my aunt and I were going to get our taxes done at my old school in the early evening. I picked up the cards and went back towards home because I wanted to pick some things up at the store. On my way to the store a huge object crossed my line of view while I traveled on the freeway. The object hit a car’s tire in front of me, and then came right at my car. I swerved to miss it, but the object still hit my car. It hit it hard. When I got off the freeway I inspected the damage (shown below).

The whole right front of my bumper was smashed in. The picture taken is after I popped out the dent. I called my insurance, and thankfully I’m covered. I still have to drop $500 on the deductible, but at least it won’t have to drive around with a huge dent in the front of my car.

There wasn’t much time for crying about the car because I told my aunt I was going to the CSUN VITA, a program where they do people’s taxes for free. Only problem is that neither my aunt or me didn’t qualify because our tax return includes mortgage interest. I mean what the fuck? Just because I own a house doesn’t mean I want to drop a couple of hundred on stupid H&R Block. My buddy says I should just do my taxes myself. I might take a crack at it. Total bullshit.

* * * * * *

A couple of side notes before I end this entry. Today I got an envelope in the mail that upon opening was some bullshit offer to help me with my debt. Where were these dummies last year before my consolidation loan? Anyways, the letter was from a place that supposedly does the grunt work for you, for a price, and gets your debt reduced or something that like. They are not a government agency, but then they pull this bullshit on the outside of their envelope that makes it look like this is something official (pictured below).

Someone not really reading what this text says could misconstrued the whole thing and think that this is some “official” government offer and think that this company is trustworthy because of that. All the text does is confuse people. Especially when coupled with the “second notice” text above. A company that sends letters like this should be run out of town. If they have to lower themselves to fool people into thinking they need to respond to this letter is worse than low. It’s dishonest.

* * * * * *

I want to end this entry on a positive note. This past Friday TheGirl and her daughter, and I went down to Disneyland. Actually, they went down at midday and I went down and met them for dinner after I got off work. It’s a bit of a tradition that TheGirl and I go down to Disneyland every other Friday. Here’s a picture of us riding Space Mountain.

TheGirl and I posed for the picture without telling each other we were going to pose. Last time we went on the ride we prepared a pose. But someone else on our car flipped the bird at the camera and it was deleted. So we didn’t get to see that picture. This time I thought about posing halfway into the ride. Thankfully TheGirl and I independently thought of posing. I did a “Hasselhoff,” and she did a “big surprise” pose. Good times. Oh, and I ate a churro. Disneyland has THE BEST churros on Earth.

I hope the rest of this week isn’t as shitty as today was. We’ll see.

End Communication.

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