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Break-up, the sequel -- 02.22.12
And so it ends.. again. TheGirl broke up with me Saturday night. She gave me a laundry list of reasons for the break-up. She mentioned that I didn't get her flowers for Valentine's day. That I can't provide for her. That her sister-in-law mentioned that she didn't seem happy to be with me. Lastly, and probably the only reason that matters, she mentioned that she was no longer in love with me. That's the only reason I needed. I knew this was coming, I could sense it in her growing emotional distance. It hurts.

Two days after the break-up, this past Monday, I was feeling better, but still having a pretty shitty day. It's not good that I had nothing to do Monday. But then fate has a way of bringing me adventures that show me the path. Or at least make me feel better. I went to get my iPhone fixed and then to the market. At the market I talked to a friend and former co-worker of mine. While waiting to talk to her I meet a homeless woman named Suzanne. We talked and talked about my situation. Well, I ended up driving her to North Hollywood to the church where she sleeps out on the ground. It was a moment when someone who has it WAY worse than I do showed me just how good I have it.

Today has been my best day. My co-workers Holly and Gil joined me for dinner and lunch respectively. It was nice of them to reach out like that. Especially Holly, because she specifically came to work in order to go to dinner with me. We had Subway, but that isnít important. It was her caring enough to come by knowing that I was hurting that counts. I nearly burst into tears.

Tomorrow night I have plans to hang with another former co-worker. Then Saturday I have plans to hang with my buddy. I thought about contacting TheGirl, but then thought better. Iíll probably see her at work tomorrow. Hopefully only briefly. I know too many things about her to want to go back to her. Thatís not to say Iím not weak. I am weak even know that I feel better. She will contact me, because thatís her pattern. She will miss me, but I need to be strong and not take her back. I canít say that I wonít, because I am weak. But I have to remember that she broke my heart twice. And I have to remember what kind of a person she is deep down inside.

End Communication.

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