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Reconciliation, take two -- 02.27.12
She took me back. On Thursday we talked while at work and we decided to talk some more on Sunday. Sure enough, we came to an agreement that her motive for a break-up was not because she didnít love me. Rather it was because she was feeling frustrated by some of the things I was doing. Iím a flamboyant guy, to say the least. I live at full volume, which isnít a bad thing. But TheGirl doesnít appreciate some of the things I do at full volume because they are immature. I am quite immature. Life is jacked up, and I simply donít have time for maturity sometimes. Sometimes life needs to be taken seriously to the point of absurdity. Thatís what I think.

But anyway, we had a nice long talk last night setting up ground rules that satisfy the both of us. My main problem is that TheGirl doesnít talk. She doesnít open up. She keeps everything inside, and doesnít share her feelings with me. She agreed to open up more and not let things fester inside. So yeah. Things on my end are not the same as before. Iím going to take more of a lead in our relationship. Iím going to try and spend less time with her, and not neglect my friends. Iím going to try and be a better man, and act a little more mature around her.

On a side note, I wanted to thank those who posted notes or sent me emails after my last entry. Especially Englishsucks on Diaryland. I need to remember that while TheGirl is a very important part of my life, my friends and family are also as important and should not be neglected.

* * * * * *

Last night after our talk I went home to watch the Oscars. Some things about the Oscars annoy me. I'll never understand why the show WASTES time with interpretive dance numbers, and then moments later cuts off someone's speech because of time. Stop with these annoying time sinkholes and let the winners speak! Fucking Oscars! The skits in between the awards bore me. They waste time in a hugely bloated show. I want to tell the producers that they just donít get it. I watch to see who wins, even if I havenít watched the movies nominated. I want for the fashions. I watch for the real moments during the speeches. I donít watch to see some dance routine about what itís like to go to the movies. I GO TO THE MOVIES. I know what itís like to me. Itís magical, when the movie is good. Itís terrible when the movie sucks. And when the movie is so awful itís good then Iím entertained. No ten minute dance can capture that. So stop sucking, Oscar show. Enough with the dancing and skits.

End Communication.

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