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Coffee Table, and Getty exhibit -- 02.28.12
To those of you who live in Los Angeles, or plan to visit in the month of March, I invite you to check out my photographs in person at local restaurant TheGirl and I frequent called The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. If you go do be sure to mention to the staff that you went to check out my work. But only if you buy something. Ha!

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This past Saturday I went to the Getty Center with my buddy to check out a couple of photo exhibits. The Lyonel Feininger exhibit was a super disappointment. Los Angeles 1945-1980 was a disappointment for another reason. First the Lyonel Feininger exhibit. It was boring, felt haphazard, and was, to me, a collection of out of focus pictures. I love The Bauhaus, and the art that came out of it. But this stuff looked like some amateur did it in his spare time. The Los Angeles 1945-1980 exhibit was a nice little collection of pictures taken in Los Angeles. The problem was that it was LITTLE. REAL little. It wasnít over a couple of dozen pictures, which to me is just WAY too few. Especially since you just know that there are a few dozen other photos in the basement of the Getty. What a waste. The Lyonel Feininger exhibit was literally room after room of bad photos, and the Los Angeles exhibit was one tiny little room. It should have been the other way around.

Lately the photography exhibits at the Getty Center have been really disappointing. They will have only a few photos, and Iíll be done viewing the exhibit in a few minutes. It sucks because I know that deep in the archives there are a lot more photos that could be shown.

End Communication.

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