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In search of a camera -- 03.04.12
I mentioned in my last entry that my photos would be on display at The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. Well, that is now official. Thursday night TheGirl, her daughter, and I went and put up my photos.

Iím quite excited at the idea of more than just a handful of friends will be able to view my photographs. Ultimately I want more eyes to view my work. I love my work, but part and parcel with that is having people view it. Me working on it and never having anyone view it is OK by me. Because I enjoy the photos. But there is a want to share my photos with people.

* * * * * *

So Saturday TheGirl, her daughter, and I went out shopping for a camera. TheGirl is going to Hong Kong at the end of this week, and she needs a camera to document her trip. We went to a couple of different stores, and found a nice camera, but none in stock. We decided instead of running around looking for a camera we would go to the store one of the clerks said had the camera in stock. It happened to be in Hollywood.

While at the store I saw a refrigerator that had a touch screen display. But thereís more. It had Pandora music (pictured below).

Now I donít get why a fridge needs to have Pandora, since nearly any phone will have that these days. And a lot of radios even have Pandora now. To have a fridge with one tiny little speaker as your one source for music from Pandora seems pretty silly. Especially since I couldnít see any outputs for the fridge to be connected to a set of speakers. Makes no sense to me.

After buying the camera we decided to get some ice cream. We tried a new place in Hollywood called ??? It was pretty good ice cream.

I had something different and something familiar: ginger rosewater ice cream, and pineapple coconut. The ginger ice cream was good, and it had bite. But it was good. The pineapple coconut was good, but not as good as the Thrifty ice cream of the same flavor. Yay Thrifty!

End Communication.

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