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A completely necessary if not random trip to Disneyland -- 03.12.12
First things first, TheGirl and I have been able to communicate more the last couple of days. Itís less than a week before she comes back from Hong Kong. I canít wait. She canít wait. But, I also told her to not worry about me, because she has a once in a lifetime chance to visit HK. And she should really enjoy her time there. Still, I canít wait to have her back.

* * * * * *

Today I went to Disneyland. I needed to go down there, even if it was without TheGirl. We said we might go next week, after she comes back. But thereís no guarantee since she might be too tired, and I donít want to force to go on my account.

Anyway, I had planned on going super early, when the park opened at 8am, and then come back home at around 2 or 3. I didnít arrive until after 9am however. And the lines to get in already told me that the park was going to be PACKED (pictured below).

I went on a couple of attractions before the crowds grew to a point that nearly every big attraction had at least a 30 minute wait. Most had 40 or more minutes. Not that bad, but lines like those are only bearable if you have someone to talk to. Me being solo I didnít really want to deal with those waits. So today was more about walking around the park and taking pictures, looking at the shops, and eating.

Case in point... I had a corndog from the little red wagon on Main Street (as pictured below).

Also had a churro (not shown). While looking around the shops I found a few items that I wanted to buy. One was the following shirt.

Anyway who knows me knows that I LOVE Disneyland churros. This shirt is SO me. It cost $21, and with my annual passholder discount it would have been a couple of bucks less. But Iím super short on cash right now, and I couldnít justify spending what is now half a tank of gasoline on a shirt... as cool as I might think it is. There were a couple of items I did buy, however. Small things like the following pin.

Yes, a Donald Duck pin. I have a lanyard that TheGirl gave me, and I wear it every time we go to the park. But it needs at least a couple of good Donald Duck pins on it. This pin starts my second wave of pin collecting, I think. Weíll see.

One last picture from the day, a picture of this cool diorama, for lack of a better word, of Main St USA.

* * * * * *

I havenít had cable in nearly two years, and I really donít miss it. I watch shows like ďMad MenĒ on Nexflix, and my buddy has HBO shows. But Iím eager to find out how I could watch Jennifer Love Hewittís new show online or something. Why?

Why, you ask? Because I have the biggest crush on JLH. Iíve had a huge crush on her since I first heard about her years and years ago when she was on a show called ďThe Byrds of Paradise.Ē A show which I donít actually remember watching, but somehow I knew about her and saw her picture or something. Itís a big hazy since it has been such a long time. The point is... big crush from way back then up until this day.

I hope they have this show online. Iíll give it a shot. I loved looking at her in ďGhost Whisperer,Ē but the show was terrible. Especially since its ďcreative consultantĒ was that charlatan James Van Praagh. If not, then I guess Iíll just have to wait for the day that I run into her at the store or something to ask her if she will pose for a picture. Some day.

End Communication.

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