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Surviving the weekend illness -- 03.26.12
The last few days have been pretty rough. First I get the news that I didnít get the job last Wednesday. Then I get some sort of stomach illness that wore me down but good. It wasnít until Saturday night that I finally felt like I was back to normal. Then today my day off from work and my auntís day off from work fell on the same day. Not good. Because it means sheís going to bitch to me about stuff I donít really want to deal with on my ONE day off. But whatever, hereís some things I want to talk about.

So as I said my stomach wasnít feeling well this weekend. On Saturday I was nearly 100%, but I didnít want to temp fate and eat a lot of food. Especially since my stomach still felt super bloated. So when TheGirl and I went to the Citadel in Commerce I was sure that I didnít want to eat a lot. TheGirlís daughter is on a diet, as well as her daughterís boyfriend, who also came along with us to the stores. So we all went into Rubyís dinner and ordered off the ďhealthyĒ portion of the menu. I ordered chicken tacos (pictured below). I only finished one of them, and later at the other one.

It was funny because we went into Rubyís and all ordered off the ďhealthyĒ menu. Iím pretty sure thatís NEVER happened at any Rubyís ever. The taco was passible. But certainly since my poor stomach was still settling it was OK for it to be on the bland side. No hot sauce for me.

After supper we headed to WalMart to look for a TV. Iíve never been to one of these so-called ďSuper Centers,Ē but Iíve heard theyíre big. Big isnít the word.

More like ginormous. It felt like I had dropped into a distribution center rather than an actual store. Crazy in size and amount of stuff. Sad thing is in a place that big there never seems to be enough employees. Although, now that I think about it, there were three employees in the same line we were in to pay for the TV TheGirl bought for her daughter. Also, it seemed like every TV we looked at was out of stock. TheGirl openly wondered if they ever had items in stock, since this is the 3rd WalMart where we canít find what we were there looking for.

* * * * * *

I was thinking about all these movies that are suddenly being reissued in 3D. As if that endows them with some special quality. Like Titanic. Good movie, especially the last hour. But do I really need to see it again just because itís in 3D? Then I thought... ďKate Winsletís boobs in 3D!Ē I might have to go see it with TheGirl.

* * * * * *

So after not getting the job last week I was pretty pissed. But after watching the co-worker that got the job over me mess something up that a ďdetail orientedĒ person wouldnít not have missed I think that Iím a little more secure in the knowledge that she is going to fail. She might have some of the skills necessary to do this job. But she does not have the demeanor. She doesnít handle pressure very well on the circulation desk. How does she expect to handle the pressure upstairs? She makes a lot of little mistakes that compounded create a lot of problems. She still doesnít know how to run the Koha program we use to check out books, how is she going to catalog books with that same system? Itís all an utter mess, and Iím looking forward to the moment when they either ask her to step down or she quits that job. I donít think either are very likely. They will work with her at her pace, so even though sheíll feel the pressure they wonít press too hard.

What really hurts is that she is now going to carry the title of library assistant. She doesnít have her degree and sheís going to have that title. Meanwhile my skills rot on the vine at these jobs. I wasnít going to look for another job until I found out the outcome of this job. Now that I know itís time to get out there and make another push for something else. Iím sure that new job wonít be a good showcase for my skills, but as long as they pay me more Iím good. This week Iím super poor. I had to transfer some money from my savings in order to make ends meet. Fuck, it sucks to be poor.

End Communication.

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