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Wayfarer's chapel -- 04.15.12

This weekendís adventure was a trip to the Wayfarerís chapel. TheGirl and I didnít start out on our weekend adventure until 2pm. Which seems to be par for our course these days since we sleep-in on the weekends that I sleepover. We didnít even have a clue as to where we would go. I think Iím the one that mentioned going to the Wayfarerís chapel, a place that was suggested by my supervisor from San Marino. So, we hitched up Crockett and drove down to Palos Verdes.

That part of town is quite pretty, and a little isolated from the rest of the metropolis. The views from the chapel are quite nice, as pictured below.

Palos Verdes has hints of the upper California coast. And while itís pretty, itís not as pretty as the coast past Morrow Bay. That part of the California coast is absolute Heaven all the way up to Big Sur.

The chapel is a cute little thing, and obviously popular, because we arrived as a wedding was just wrapping up, and in the hour and a half before we left another wedding was just wrapping up as well. The grounds are small, as is the chapel itself, but the serenity of the location makes it a perfect place to sit down and relax and contemplate.

TheGirl and I sat down and decided to take some pictures, since we havenít been taking very many pictures of the two of us together lately. Whatís up with that, we asked ourselves.

Pictured above is me kissing TheGirl. Awwww!

Hereís a better picture of the chapel from a walkway that leads up to it. The wedding was moments away from wrapping up.

Hereís the interior of the chapel.

Like I said, the place is small, but unique. Even though we were only there for a little over an hour and a half we had a great time exploring the grounds and taking a few pictures. Definitely have to go back there and have a picnic or something.

* * * * * *

Speaking of food, the previous night (Friday night), TheGirl, her daughter, and I went to Pinkís for dinner. TheGirlís daughter is on Jenny Craig, so did didnít order a hot dog. TheGirl is a veggie, so she ordered a veggie dog with onions, relish and mayo. The guy that took our order messed it up, so she went back to get it right, which is why itís not in the following picture. What is in the picture are the two hot dogs I ordered.

What you see in the picture above is an order of fries, one order of onion rings (which we all shared), and my pastrami topped hot dog, as well as the second hot dog I ordered, a bacon chili dog. Woo!!

Pinkís is OK, nothing that spectacular as far as taste. Iíve had better. But it was nice to have a couple of terrible for me hot dogs. HA!

* * * * * *

Lastly, my trusty Honda Fit, which I call Crockett, passed the 16,000 mark on Friday (map pictured below).

Thatís a lot of driving in nine months. Good times racking up those miles. Tomorrow, we go Disneyland!

End Communication.

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