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Paleta quest, and Disneyland! -- 04.16.12
Mondays are my days off. Still, I tried to wake up early in order to get some errands done before I was to meet up with TheGirl at her place to go to Disneyland. As I was on my way out the door I took a picture of myself with the ďPoindexterĒ glasses I found in her old car and emailed her the picture.

On my errands I really just wanted to go out and find a Mexican popsicle called a ďpaleta.Ē I have found plenty of places that have these paletas, but they donít have the vanilla flavor. Itís always the same stupid mango flavor, or coconut, or strawberry. I mean come on, are those the ONLY flavors people buy, and hence stores only stock those? I guess so.

I went to three stores looking for a vanilla paleta. But instead of finding that I found this Sponge Bob box of crayons, that I also emailed a picture of to TheGirl.

On my way to the hardware store to see if they had a bird feeder I saw one of those guys that sell paletas on the street. I pulled over and FINALLY had my vanilla paleta.

It wasnít the brand thatís really tasty, but it was good.

* * * * * *

And then I met up with TheGirl and went to DISNEYLAND! Woo hoo! We had supper at our usual Zocolo restaurant in Frontierland. This time I didnít really want the same things Iíve had in the past, so I ordered a tostada salad (pictured below).

The tostada was pretty good, and filling. After supper we went on a few rides and then went back home since we both have work Tuesday. Ah, perhaps some day Iíll be rich enough to not worry about that. Dreams.

I end this with a picture of Sleeping Beautyís Castle in the twilight.

* * * * * *

Lastly, Iíve been watching Knight Rider on Netflix for the last couple of weeks. The other day I watched an episode that was filmed up the street where I live. Hereís a screen cap of the scene.

See... thatís Ventura blvd. up the street from my house. My neighborhood is famous... kinda. Ha! Anyway, off to bed. Work tomorrow.

End Communication.

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