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Firehouse subs -- 04.22.12
Saturday TheGirl and company (TheGirlís daughter and daughterís boyfriend), drove down to Oceanside to eat what TheGirl and her daughter described as, ďThe best subs they have ever tasted.Ē Firehouse subs (pictured below).

Itís so easy these days to be disappointed by overly hyped food. But since TheGirl had eaten these subs first handed it would seem less hyped and more based on factual evidence. Hence her willing to drive 100 miles down to Oceanside for a sub (pictured below).

I ordered a Italian sub, while TheGirl ordered a veggie one. My sub was toasted, and was just right. The meats had a good taste, especially the salami, and the dressing really complimented the entire sub. All-in-all a great sub. Would I drive 100 miles to eat one again? You know what? I would, if I had company. Not all by myself.

The theming of the sub shop is a firehouse because the company was started by firefighters. They even give out fire hats to the patrons, like the one TheGirl wore (pictured below).

The sub shops are said to be making their way up the coast and into Los Angeles. Thank the maker, because driving 200 miles to and from this sub shop is going to get expensive.

* * * * * *

Before our drive down to Oceanside we stopped off at an ďExtra MileĒ in order for TheGirl to get some Van Houtte coffee. (pictured below)

While she filled up her cut I went in search of some iced tea. But once again I found myself walking away from the fridge because thereís always the SAME tired beverages they pass for iced tea (pictured below).

I mean come on, is this what people consider tea? This is a collection of swill. Brisk and Snapple? Snapple used to taste OK, though it wasnít great. But at least it didnít taste like it was made out of a powder, like it does now. When Stern was the spokesman, and the product was making its way to the West coast, the taste was more like an actual brewed tea. Again, nothing great, but at least it tasted like tea. Brisk tea I donít have much of a history with, because I really try to avoid it at all costs. I need to be super thirsty to even think of buying such shit. Brisk tastes nothing like tea. I think itís swamp water with a ton of sugar added to it. Know something? I used to have a theory that adding enough sugar to anything would make it taste good. I was wrong.

When I poured myself a Coke Icee instead of horrible tea I went up to the counter where TheGirl was having her own drama. She had a coupon for a free coffee. But because she used her own commuter mug instead of the paper cup the lady behind the counter wouldnít honor her free coffee coupon, and made her pay for it. It made NO sense. The man standing behind TheGirl even spoke up and started telling the lady behind the counter that it was silly because having TheGirl use one of the paper cups, only to have her then pour the coffee into her commuter mug was just silly. It is, and it shows you that people arenít reasonable anymore. They canít think for themselves, because we have been trained to pass the buck to someone else. And weíve been taught that there arenít any consequences for our actions. Thatís why people make U turns in front of me without checking to see if a car is coming. Thatís why TheGirl and I have a woman walk in front of us at the museum. Because everyone is out for themselves. This woman could have just been reasonable and just let it slide, because in the long run no one is going to know that TheGirl didnít use a paper cup. Whatever!

* * * * * *

On our way down I got to see some funny things on the road, like the following sign for ďLas Pulgas road.Ē Which means Flea road.

When we were on our way back we stopped off at Downtown Disney and a place up the street called GardenWalk. At the GardenWalk place there was a store that was selling the following....

A Duff energy drink, which I suspect isnít from around here, since the store was called ďEverything Tokyo.Ē I didnít buy it, because Iím sure being an energy drink it tastes almost as bad as Brisk tea. Still, it was pretty neat.

While at Downtown Disney TheGirl and I went into a store Iíve been hoping to check out the last few times weíve been there. Inside they didnít have any cool Donald Duck t-shirts, like I had hoped for. But they did have a pretty cool poster of three characters from the original Star Wars: Jek Porkins, Wedge Antillies, and Biggs Darklighter (pictured below).

NICE! I looked up their names online, donít think I actually knew those names off the top of my head. The night ended with cuddling and tired bodies holding each other. Another great day with TheGirl. Now, off to work. Boo!

End Communication.

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