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This past week has been pretty crazy -- 05.27.12
This has been a most trying week. Iíll start with today, since today is fresh in my mind. Work today sucked major dick. I havenít had a Sunday this bad in a long time. Every thing just pissed me off. My co-workers from Saturday left a million books in the book drop, and I know why. My co-worker Lilian doesnít do any work. She doesnít check in books. She doesnít check people out. She just sits there. So of course the book drop is filled to the brim. So my co-worker Jean and I had to catch up. But even when we caught up the books keep coming. So even though two hours into my shift I had cleared out the book drop, by the time we left the books were overflowing again. There were simply too many patrons there today, and too little help from my lazy co-workers.

Saturday was pretty cool. I hung out with my co-worker Holly while she did her easy job of sitting at a desk waiting for people to visit a local landmark. After work we went to a place in Pasadena looking for some good fries and onion rings. The place didnít disappoint. The rings were some of the best Iíve ever had (pictured below).

Friday I ended up having a day off because I had to deal with my car not starting Wednesday night. TheGirl lent me her car to go home and I picked her up on Thursday morning. But Friday I had to pick up the car rom the dealer, and I took my sweet time getting it. Also in Friday I booked TheGirl and I a room at Deetjenís in Big Sur for our anniversary in July (website pictured below).

I remember driving up there on my Monterey trip seven years ago and thinking how cool it would be to stay there someday. Well, come July it will be some day. I gave TheGirl two choices for a trip on our anniversary: San Francisco or Big Sur. She choose Big Sur since neither of us have really been there. I say that because despite passing through Big Sur on my way to Monterey, I didnít really spend any time there. It was literally just passing through. It put the zap in me though, to the point that Iíve wanted to go back ever since. Now we get to celebrate our anniversary up in what I believe is the nearest thing to Heaven on Earth Iíve ever seen.

The coast and the ocean are a beautiful contrast. The ocean looks so vast that it seems like it goes on forever. And the land is so lush that it feels like there are only a few other humans on the entire Earth. Iíve never felt so isolated and content as in those moments up in Big Sur. I donít believe in an afterlife. But if there was one, I would want ti to look like Big Sur. The beauty sings to me, and plucks that string that resonates throughout my soul. It is my idea of perfection. It is something out of my dreams.

Is it any wonder that I would want to return to such a place with a woman who I feel the same awe for as Big Sur?

As the month draws to an end I think back and I canít say that it was a bad month. It was certainly a long feeling month. It was also a damn fucking terrible month when it came to my personal life. And then it turned good. But at the end of the day Iím still filled with a lot of doubt about so many things. I heard some good things about a possible promotion for me at my San Marino job. Iím not holding my breath though. What I should be doing is looking for something else. Time will tell. Iím tired of working the weekends at San Marino.

End Communication.

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