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Passed over... again! -- 05.29.12
Today might have been the worst day I've ever had to deal with at work. First my supervisor doesn't show up. It would seem that no one knew he was still on vacation. The books we had to deal with this morning was nearly overwhelming. Then I got a phone call from a co-worker's husband saying she had an aneurysm the day before, and that she was in the hospital. But it wasn't until some of my co-workers went to visit her and saw how grave the situation was that I really was. She may not make it very much longer. On top of that news, I found out that the job I was supposedly the number one candidate for has been filled. I didn't even get a fake interview that's just for show, like the last couple of interviews. I'm pretty much done at that job. This one job was the only job that was going to be available for a long time that I could get. With it now filled the writing is on the wall. I'm not wanted there, not in the long term anyway. I best hitch my future to another star, somewhere else.

That job was so much a home to me when I first started there. I felt I belonged, even though now I understand that that particular feeling wasnít mutual. So from this point forward Iím not going to car as much about that place. Iím not going to give my best effort. Iím not going to actually give a damn. Iím not going to do anything extra there. Iím done. I know now that I donít have a fighting chance there. I donít have a future there. Itís just a temporary stop. I best hitch my start to myself. I best just make my own way out of that place, because there sure as hell canít rely on that job.

Tomorrow they will see the person they made.

End Communication.

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