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Alignment, or whatever you want to call it -- 06.05.12
Today we found out that my co-worker has been dead since Saturday when her family took her off life support. Also found out that tomorrow is the service. A bunch of my co-workers are going to head out to the funeral and pay our condolences. It's not going to be an easy day. My co-worker Erma was a really nice lady. Last year when I was dumped Erma listened to me bitch and moan about how much pain I was feeling. She never made a judgement, just listened and told me things were going to be OK. She was right. It's sad that a year later I'm going to her funeral.

Speaking of me being dumped, and this is why I mention alignment (for lack of a better word at the moment). A year ago this coming Friday TheGirl dumped me in order to return with her husband. The alignment I speak of comes in the fact that Saturday her divorce becomes final. Itís crazy how things like this seem to align. A year go I was dumped and I felt like I would drink myself into a bottle. TheGirl came back to me less than a week later, but the pain still remains. Who knew that nearly to the day her divorce would be finalized? I stuck it out, through some terrible times and good times, and have somehow survived to see this day.

Now I donít know if we have a long term future together. Her distance has been mitigated, and we seem to be in a good place with our relationship. But last year taught me not to trust that feeling. Last year I thought everything between us was fine. Until she dumped me. I still have the scars from that moment. I still flinch at the thought of her leaving. But Iím a little more prepared for what might happen. Not entirely sure how I will handle a possible break-up in the future. I know I wonít drink myself into a bottle, thatís for sure. I love TheGirl, but doing that last year was quite destructive. I could have blown the opportunity posed by my new job (at the time). I would have subsequently blown my chance at consolidating my debts into a manageable pile that I can pay down. In short, I donít want a repeat of last year.

End Communication.

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