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Escape is not my plan -- 07.23.12
Iím back home waiting to go to my Monday evening job, having spent the morning not going to work, but rather interviewing for a new job. I think the interview went well. Saw a lot of head nodding. One of my former co-workers, a girl named Jane, was on the panel. I hope she puts a good word in for me.

Strangely enough though, Iím not entirely sure this is a good move for me. They asked me if I was willing to work weekends, and now that I have weekends off I have to say that I REALLY donít want to work weekends. This might be the one thing that prevents me from getting this job. Fuck it, my weekends are mine now. I hustled to not only get them off but have more hours working in the process. Iím not going to give them up for a new job. Despite the fact that this new job would pay me more. Would allow me to drive less. Would allow me to escape a dead-end job (San Marino).

OK.. I MIGHT consider working on the weekends. HA!

In a weekís time Iíll be back from Big Sur. TheGirl is definitely not going with me. She has plans for that Friday, but she did tempt me to stay when she said she wasnít going to be busy on Saturday and Sunday. Iím sure she can get her OldDud to drive down this weekend. Whatever! I need this trip. It was going to be a romantic getaway, celebrating our second year anniversary. It wasnít meant to be, so be it. Iím still going. I have some of my things ready, but I still have to get my cameras ready.

They said they would inform me in about two weeks about the job. OK Universe, do what you think is right.

End Communication.

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