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And so this is Thursday, Sept 6 -- 09.06.12
Itís twenty-one days until Big Sur, part deux. In two weeks time Iíll be heading out with TheGirl to camp. It will be the first time Iíve ever camped. Weíll see if camping actually happens. I remind TheGirl that even TheChisel has gone camping with her, and here I am the last to go. I hope I have a good time, I would hate to have a terrible time. If I do like camping I might have to do it more often, and up and down California. Sounds nice to me.

Today was a hard day at work. My body is aching big time right now. I could use a drink to sooth this pain. Maybe after I finish up this entry. I got to officially meet my new boss, Thom, today. I've talked to him in the past when he was in another department. Now he's my boss. I could tell he was doing evaluations, or introductions, or something mixing the two, in his office today. I'll have to ask my co-worker what exactly they were doing. My day was packed, and I got out nearly an hour after my scheduled time dealing with special deliveries. I don't mind, even though I'm tired, because I need the extra cash. The time off a couple of weeks ago really hurt my paycheck this fortnight. The next one will put me back on my feet.

I want to work more hours, but I donít have much wiggle room at my Glendale job. Iím right at the limit of hours. My San Marino job could give me a few more hours during the weekends, but do I want to sacrifice my weekends? I know, I could ask to work Thursday evenings after my Glendale job finishes. I could head out to San Marino a few times a month, if the let me. Iíll have to ask.

I want to pay off some of my bills fast in order to pay off the big bill fast. Now where does a guy like me make $100, $200, or even $400 more a month? Selling blood didnít work. I would be getting pennies. The only thing that could yield that would be selling my photos. No one is buying though. So collecting bottles and cans might be the solution. Ha!

Saturday Iím taking advantage of my Disneyland premium pass and going to the park in the morning. I plan on coming back home by midday. I miss going on a Friday night with TheGirl. She did mention that as soon as she gets a couple of paychecks under her belt that sheís going to buy an annual pass. Good.

I think Iím going to sleep early tonight.

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